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  • All the free dances, stand up comedy and shows in the Titan Underground... Also, free popcorn and fifty cent ice cream never hurts! - Jake W.

  • I can showcase my music in events like open mic night, "Live at Lunch" and any coffee house event held at Scott Hall. - Nathan S.

  • Menominee Park is just a few-minute drive from campus (not a bad walk either) and has a celebration of lights show in winter, zoo, beach, paddle boats and more. I love it! - Kelsey H.

  • I had the opportunity to help organize and host the "Mr. UWO" pageant. SO fun! - Michelle M.

  • UW Oshkosh has a great social environment for friends and peers to watch the Packers beat their opponents. - Stephen F.

  • I like UWO because on Packer game days I don't need to be sitting next to a TV to know what's going on in the game... the cheering can be heard across campus -- literally! - Kristi S.

  • I love that we have an award-winning programming board that brings in tons of free events for students, like craft night, bingo, comedians, musicians, Homecoming and more! - Heather W.

  • I live in Taylor Hall and love that it is amazingly furnished and has every board game / game I could ever want to play. There are many rooms to study in and some even have TVs in them for hanging out. - Philip P.

  • I love paying only $3 with my TitanID to watch movies in Reeve Union Theatre! - Courtney O.

  • The free events that are offered: Titan Nights, Midnight Breakfast, bingo, music and entertainment. There is always something going on. - Kimberly P.

  • I like the creative activities that my CAs come up with for our hall to do together. - Jordan G.

  • I love UWO because every Wednesday night my friends and I go to open mic and listen to the awesome musicians play while doing homework and drinking smoothies. - James Z.

  • Reading the sidewalk chalk for upcoming events on campus. - Brittney B.

  • I just love all the talent! The musicians and artists around here are pretty amazing, I gotta say. - Matt B.

  • I love the first week of school! All the freebies from Taste of Oshkosh and food you get at the picnic are awesome! - Mallory W.

  • I love the variety of events hosted in the Titan Underground: football games, pool leagues, karaoke night, video game tournaments, Texas Hold 'Em, live music and Club U. - Jason H.

  • I played capture the flag in the middle of campus with my new friends my first night at college. - Bethany B.

  • I love the variety of opportunities students are given to participate in throughout the year! - Rochelle M.

  • I like how the student population is big, but UW Oshkosh still has many events that everyone can get involved with on a smaller scale and have a great time at. For example, I always like going to Titan Nights to make crafts, see movies and hang out with friends. - Kayla P.

  • I love UW Oshkosh for the opportunities it provides to explore the community. Menominee Park, Leach Amphitheater, Wiouwash Trail, the Paine Art Museum and a variety of campus-sponsored events provide endless opportunity to stay involved or get connected with Oshkosh. - Steffanie N.

  • I love how much stuff there is to do on campus -- you can never be bored! Whether you go to a comedian who is performing or make crafts with your floor, it is always eventful! - Mersadies V.

  • Three words: Puppy chow sales!! Oh yeah, and a few other things... ;) Awesome trips at low cost to students, the annual book sale and insanely fun intramural sports!! - Sarah B.

  • Oshkosh is a fun an relaxing place far away from home. It provides a good learning environment and has spectacular activities that go on throughout the year. - Erika A.>
  • As a music major, I hear a lot of classical music played by my professors and awesome guest artists. When I can't take classical music anymore, Titan Underground has karaoke and live music. I often catch a favorite tune playing in Reeve, too. Music is everywhere at UWO! - Amy H.

  • I love reading the chalk messages as I walk around campus. It's fun because you never know what messages you might encounter and they're another great, non-computer-related way to find out about events around campus. - Laura B.

  • I LOOOOOVE UW Oshkosh because I enjoy going along on the events hosted by Xpeditions! - Ali T.

  • Four words... Local Live Music Night. - Tommy B.