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  • My journalism professor started incorporating social media into the classroom. You can tweet about topics that interest you! - Lindsey N.

  • UWO lets me see the world; I'm going to China this summer for an internship! - Tom H.

  • Polk Library is an awesome place to study for exams... and they sometimes serve coffee and donuts. - Ka Mee L.

  • I really enjoy how UW Oshkosh has a seemingly endless supply of options for studying abroad. It doesn't matter what you're majoring in - if you want to go to a particular region of the globe, chances are there's a great program that can take you there. - James W.

  • Since I was a freshman in high school I knew WHAT I wanted to do for a career, but not HOW to get there. When I saw UWO's music industry major, I dove right in and haven't looked back... it's the best decision I've made in pursuing my dreams yet! - Courtney R.

  • The Radio/TV/Film program is the best in the Midwest. It has hands-on learning, devoted and passionate professors, real industry experience and direct alumni connections in Hollywood. I'm proud to be an RTF graduate. - Sam M.

  • I love how all the tutors here seem to not only care, but are also passionate about helping students learn and improve. It's rare to find people who are willing to go out of their way to help others... but UWO knows how to find them. - Kate P.

  • I'm impressed by the large amount of resources available for students to succeed not only academically, but personally as well: from the Queer Peer Mentoring Program to the Writing Center to countless other clubs and programs! - Kristen M.

  • UWO provides me a quality education and tight-knit community environment. I know this is where I belong. - April P.

  • I'm going to UW Oshkosh so I can take my dream of working in video production to the next level. - Kurt R.

  • I was interested in becoming a high school teacher and came here because UWO has a very reputable education program. - Shannon B.

  • I am going into UW Oshkosh as an Undecided major. I loved that Oshkosh had everything that I was interested in possibly majoring in. My tour guide was so incredibly friendly on my first tour and from that point on I knew Oshkosh was the place for me. - Michelle C.

  • I'm a nontraditional student attending online classes. How many people can say they get to sit outside on the patio and attend college? Pretty cool to me! - Mary Jo G.

  • The wonderful study abroad opportunities! They changed my life forever. - Lisabeth K.

  • The Accelerated Online BSN program has the highest NCLEX first-time pass rate in the state! - Katie L.

  • There are tutors for everything! Whether it's a Supplemental Instruction session or at the tutor labs - you can get help on anything. - Kelli A.

  • I love that UWO offers opportunities to learn in many places in many ways. The Disney College Program internship I took through UWO was incredibly enriching! Now I'm very excited every time I hear about UWO's other internships and study abroad offerings! - Rose S.

  • Each department at UW Oshkosh is tailored to undergraduate needs through student research and employment. The opportunities I've had to work one-on-one with distinguished faculty is one of many reasons that I've succeeded while here. - Sarah J.

  • I love UW Oshkosh because it helped me learn how to become a great teacher! - Kimberly R.

  • There are lots of resources for research for undergraduate students. You get the opportunity to take advantage of all of them. - Zach M.

  • Project Success is very nice and willing to help anyone with a language learning disability on the campus. - Kaitlyn T.

  • You should attend UW Oshkosh because the study abroad opportunities are endless. I can't imagine my college experience without my study abroad experience, which widened my horizons. I now know I can do anything if I put my mind to it! - Katie K.

  • I'm a distance learner and love that I can live in Madison, Wis., be visiting my friend in Minneapolis or my mom in Fargo, and still log on and attend class for the day.... SWEET FREEDOM. - Giovanna F.

  • I love the honors program! Great teachers, small classes and a great environment to learn! - Sarah F.

  • My "Evolution of Jazz" professor required us to attend several concerts performed by jazz students, so we were able to immerse ourselves more into the studies and culture of jazz. - Morgan G.

  • I love UW Oshkosh because there are so many opportunities to grow in your field of study. The professors here are very knowledgeable because they have many years of experience. I would recommend this campus to anyone who wants to go above and beyond. - Allison R.

  • For the outstanding academic standards placed on students within the Political Science and International Studies departments. These departments are really interested in the success of their students, not just in the classroom, but after UWO. - Allison C.

  • The long break between semesters! - Zachary W.

  • Diversity of curriculum. A 'Women's Studies' major! A 'Social Justice' minor that allows students to choose specific emphases. UWO's Communication disciplines are top-notch. Choices like these offer a world of options and a beautiful resume. - Kay B.

  • The Journalism courses at UWO helped me to get hands-on experience, which helped me jump-start my career. - Tina B.

  • I love UWO because we have no TAs. And we have an awesome education program! - Lisa T.

  • I love how accessible everything is to students. Anything I might need or want, I can find here. My education actually feels like it is geared toward my specific needs. I love my UWO! - Gabriela P.

  • UWO is a great place to be a transfer student. The transfer process allows one-on-one time with academic advisors, who help students with a variety of questions. The academic advisors and transfer process are two of the best qualities about UWO. - Kyle G.

  • I'm an MBA student at UWO. The MBA program has given me the tools I need to leave my accounting job and purchase a small business. Now six months into the venture, I am loving it so much! All I learned in the MBA program so far has been helpful to me! - Sue H.

  • I love that the professors have real experience in their fields. It is great to have that knowledge at your fingertips when you're trying to pick a major. - Matt H.

  • UW Oshkosh teaches professional skills that are unmatched. Students are always being commended on their unbelievable professionalism and eagerness to learn. - Richard V.

  • I am a senior at UWO and have never attended a class on campus. I love that I can work full-time and still attend UWO full-time online. I am gaining years of work experience as well as achieving a degree. - Tawni S.

  • I love how passionate, knowledgeable and enthusiastic all of the UW Oshkosh Journalism department faculty and staff are. - Panhia L.

  • UW Oshkosh has a great variety of services to fit your educational needs. - Ebony J.
  • I enjoy UW Oshkosh because the education program is fantastic and the professors care about their students. - Nina B.
  • The College of Nursing holds a very high reputation for educating students and producing RNs that excel in their chosen fields. - Natalie H.

  • Something that sets UW Oshkosh apart is the 14-week semester with an optional three-week interim, which is a nice way to earn some extra credits at no extra cost! - Meghan A.

  • I like attending UWO because we don't get a new schedule for finals that would mess with my routine! - John T.

  • The one-on-one professor attention is great. UW Oshkosh has good tutors, but my professors are also willing to take time to actually sit down with me if I need any help. - Nicole B.

  • Oshkosh is home to an amazing, accredited business school and one of the top Supply Chain & Operations Management programs. Go Dr. G and Dr. M! It's not just a city with a college - it's an opportunity! - Marian R.

  • UWO has the best Religious Studies program around. The professors are incredibly friendly and helpful and the program offers a wide variety of courses. To top it off, the lounge and club are awesome amenities. - Kali H.