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A Little of Everything

  • I love having only half of the room to clean. - Rakelle N.

  • I love how you can use your Titan Card for laundry. - Emily O.

  • Being an international student is not easy, but UWO gives students free Internet in the Res Halls so I can make video calls with my family and feel so much more at home. - Joe W.

  • A cup of coffee, steamy shower and people-free elevator ride down to the first floor, followed by the scenic morning walk to early class. By the time class is let out, the day has picked up and campus is alive. It's so motivating and invigorating! - Ashley V.

  • I love UW Oshkosh because I live in the Residence Halls... which means I don't have to shovel! :) - Jenny B.

  • I love that as I walk to class on the Algoma Boulevard sidewalk, one square of the cement walkway has leaf impressions and bird footprints. It makes me smile because it's obvious those weren't put there on purpose. - Carly A.

  • The little trails people create through the snow as a shortcut. - Alex R.

  • My favorite part of campus is the path between the Arts & Comm building and the Theatre - especially when it's lit up at night! - Courtney B.

  • As a graduate student who goes to school only every Saturday, I am deeply attracted by the peaceful campus. I always proudly show pictures and tell my friends: This is UW Oshkosh, where I am now. - Xiaoang X.

  • The beds that the res halls have are comfortable. A little too comfortable in fact. Five hour naps anyone? - Craig E.

  • I love getting my hair cut and styled at Salon Shahnaz and using my Titan Dollars to pay for it! - Katelyn Z.

  • I love sitting on the patio outside of Reeve Union in the warm spring sun while studying or talking with friends. It's so relaxing! - Amber B.

  • Getting "lost" in the upper levels of Polk Library and just wandering aimlessly amongst some amazing and unique literature that I would have never seen otherwise! :) - Katelyn A.

  • I love using my Titan Card to get a free copy of the New York Times from the newspaper container in Blackhawk and do the crossword puzzle while I eat lunch. - Allison A.

  • I like that the names of buildings are mostly single-syllable. For example: Reeve, Polk, Clow, Sage... - Braden F.

  • UW Oshkosh gives young mothers, like myself, the opportunity to continue their dream of obtaining a college education through online programs. UWO shows its understanding and acceptance of adults going back to school to better their lives! - Mackenzie M.

  • Hiding out on Polk's second floor studying with friends. - Sonya W.

  • Living in the library for practically all of interim! - Elizabeth K.

  • I love how I can wake up, get dressed and be to class all within 20 minutes. - Lance L.

  • Free printing at the library!! - Steve B.

  • I love that I am always discovering new "favorite things" at UW Oshkosh: the buffalo chicken sandwich, third floor quiet-study in Polk, Midnight Breakfasts, the Journalism reading room, potato bowls and the treadmills you can charge your iPod on. - Audralynn S.

  • Four things: grabbing coffee before class, Polk Library, helpful people are everywhere and there are many leadership opportunities in student organizations. - Agaila Abba H.

  • The Titan ID is almost like an all-access card, from getting food to buying things with your Titan dollars, to doing laundry and getting in your building. Best of all, it's a way to show off where you go to school. - Jessica W.

  • I love UWO because I can walk through campus with my Titan gear on singing Wiz Khalifa's "Black & Yellow!" -- "Uh huh, you know what it is, black and yellow, black and yellow. Uh huh, you know what it is, everything I do, I do it big." :) Go Titans. - Jaime P.

  • Titan Transit!!! I've saved almost $140 this past semester alone taking the bus to school. - Tammy N.

  • I am so proud to be a UW Oshkosh student because we are paving the way in the quest for more environmentally friendly campuses. I love to brag about my green school! - Amanda L.

  • The 35th "greenest" school in the nation ranking, according to the Sierra Club, along with our commitment to sustainability make me proud to be a member of this university. - Kenneth K.

  • Oshkosh has made me believe in myself and reaffirm that I can accomplish anything. I can never thank the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh enough. - Matt R.

  • I knew I was going to come here from the time I was 10. My cousin graduated from here. She seemed very happy. UW Oshkosh has the tools for me to get my degree that I have chosen. I can also still compete in Track & Field. The community is friendly. - Samantha L.

  • I love coming to UWO because it allows me to experience more of life that I would otherwise be unable to at home. :) - Chelsae H.

  • You may be one of the lucky few to find Carl the Squirrel jumping out of the Donner/Webster dumpster as you throw your trash in it. Don't worry though, he's harmless and only looking for last night's leftover pizza. - Mary B.

  • You can sit on a giant stump in Reeve while waiting for your friends! - Claire D.

  • It's simply an awesome school!! - Daniel S.

  • I love riding my razor kick scooter under the huge trees on my way to class! There is just something about the wind in your face as the leaves slowly fall around you. - Danielle B.

  • I like all the little things that UWO does to help you succeed. Free printing in the computer labs? Get outta here! - Matt K.

  • I love looking at all the creative chalk writing on the sidewalk! - Kao L.

  • It's hard to pick one thing. Simply though, what I love about this school is how it helped me find more about who I am and what I'm made of - which has led to finding a lot of great people in my life. - Stephanie H.

  • I love taking pictures of the beautiful fall foliage on campus. - Kristina F.

  • As you're walking to class, there is nothing more fun than watching the squirrels and chipmunks run around. Believe me, it becomes addicting. :) - Elizabeth B.

  • I love being part of a campus that is actively trying to make the environment a better place. Sustainability is something we should all be proud of! :-) - Elizabeth S.

  • One great thing about UW Oshkosh is its commitment to sustainability. I feel good about choosing a school that cares.
    - Korin F.

  • I love UWO because it is a Fair Trade University that is committed to sustainability. - Sarah B.

  • Oshkosh students are:
    O - Optimistic
    S - Studying Hard
    H- Having a Blast
    K - Keeping it Green
    O - On-the-go
    S - Supportive
    H - Hopeful for the future!
    - Kayla A.

  • Veterans services here are top-notch. - William B.

  • I love wearing my UW Oshkosh apparel! You have to love that Black and Yellow!! =) - Mariauna A.

  • My input matters. Whether it's food service, offices on campus or my professors - I know and have seen my input make UW Oshkosh everything and more that I wanted it to be! - Phil N.

  • I go to UW Oshkosh because it offers the best opportunity to further my education, meet new people and have a good time in college. - Jack B.

  • UW Oshkosh has provided three things for me: schooling, a job and love... THANKS OSHKOSH! - Korey K.

  • When I first came here, I loved the Rec and Wellness Center and the people seemed very approachable too. It seemed like it would be a good fit for me! I love the campus and res halls as well. - Josh W.

  • Although it may be upsetting to some to be stuck inside during a big snow storm, I love watching the snow fall and watching movies inside with my friends! - Maggie N.

  • It's so easy to find a quiet spot to think - like the gaming lounge in Polk Library. - Paul T. 

  • There are so many resources. Any time I ever need help there is always a department or program there for me! - Jessica H.

  • Silentium. The silence of the library, stilling... wonderful time to talk to friends... study and more. The food facilities... the upstairs of Reeve where on weekends few go, so you can just sit there and talk with friends... read... or study. - Nicholas V.

  • If given the chance to go back in time I would do a lot of things differently, but I would still pick UW Oshkosh, live in the same res hall and hang out with the same friends. - Bryan B.

  • Every day when I go to UWO, someone tells me something I didn't know before. - Pearl W.

  • The question is... Why not go to UWO?
    - Donna H.

  • The works of student art that we have the opportunity to be exposed to on campus. - Adam S.

  • It's a place for possibilities. - Marta S.