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Sports and Recreation


  • The Student Rec and Wellness Center at UWO is amazing! I look forward to being able to use it next year. - Andrea K.

  • The great variety of activities in the Rec Center. Many days I just lift weights, but can always use several methods to get in some good cardio. In the gym there's always a game of basketball to jump into, too. It's great! - Robert B.

  • I just hate the thought of running outside, so the Student Recreation and Wellness Center's indoor track is perfect for me. I can't wait to start using it next year. :) - Jillian H.

  • I grew up in the woods by Lake Superior, so coming here to Oshkosh has been a big change. But I am so thankful for the Xpeditions crew and what they have to offer for outdoor adventures! - Melissa H.

  • I love winning intramural championship T-shirts. - Reidun S.

  • I love that after a hard day of classes I can go to the Rec & Wellness Center and just take some time for myself. It's my favorite place on campus! - Lizzie G.

  • I enjoy taking a run alongside the water by the Student Recreation & Wellness Center (SRWC). The trail over there is perfect and it looks beautiful no matter what time of year it is. - Max S.

  • I love UW Oshkosh's rock climbing wall! - Zach A.

  • The SRWC is a great place to blow off some steam -- especially during finals! There are so many activities to choose from. My favorite thing is definitely all the options for group exercise classes... I love Zumba! - Laura S.

  • I love inventing sports, like "Extreme Tennis," with my roommate. When a tennis cage is empty, we use all three courts and get extra running in by tripling our playing space. - Sarita C.

  • The new tennis courts are great! You can play day or night! - Kris N.

  • Group exercise at the Student Rec & Wellness Center! Classes are offered at no extra cost to you. There is a good mixture of cardio, toning and even biking. It's a great way to let out some stress, hang out with friends and stay active! - Krista L.

  • I LOVE the Student Rec Center!!! There are so many exercise/activity options there that have kept me from being stressed during exams and papers. The group exercise classes are AMAZING. I taught some and love attending them too. - Samantha M.

  • Low-cost expeditions through the Wellness Center... fun and adventurous! :) - Molly M.

  • I love UWO Women's Rugby Club! - Asha P.

  • One of my favorite parts about UW Oshkosh is the Student Recreation and Wellness Center. The staff is great and they offer excellent activities like indoor golfing, rock climbing, fitness classes and the best outdoor adventure trips! - Katie H.

  • I LOVE the workout classes at the SRWC! And the best part is they are free! - Jenell R.

  • I love the indoor track at the SRWC because I can run no matter what the weather is like outside. - Sonja F.

  • The Student Rec and Wellness Center is incredible and motivates me to stay healthy. I love the variety of exercise equipment, activities and events! - Alexa B.

  • There is a multi-million dollar recreation center where you can rent tons of sports things, play many sports, work out, get delicious smoothies and enjoy fitness classes! - Aaron B.

  • Getting to go work out at the Student Rec Center. It keeps me in shape and I just love it. :D - Gao X.

  • The weight room is amazing! - Andrea K.

  • One thing that brightens my day at UW Oshkosh is going on winter Xpeditions trips, especially the downhill skiing ones! - Emily N.

  • Oshkosh has extremely talented athletics programs. A lot of people here may not know that their very own Women's Track & Field program is respected around the nation. - Cassie P.

  • I love Titan Sports coverage on Titan TV channel 66 and 90.3 WRST FM Oshkosh. It is the best! - Tyler T.

  • The Women's Track & Field team is the NCAA D3 National Champion! :) - Kait S.

  • We have an awesome swim and dive team on campus. - Jonathan S.

  • I love, love, love our workout center! It's such a nice facility and the fact that it is free to us students is so amazing!!! - Emily W.