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Food and Dining


  • I can go to the first floor of my hall and get Pizza Hut pizza, subs, and best of all - brownies. - Sarah R.

  • FREE Food! I love the midnight breakfasts that are part of Titan Nights. - Sarah L.

  • I love the caramel apple cider that they bring out for the months of October and November in the Reeve Union MiTaza. - Shaniqua L.

  • I LOVE Reeve Union's B&G Grill pancakes. I also love the layout of campus and how most everything is centered. - Jacqui H.

  • Three words: BAKED POTATO SOUP! :) - Brianna V.

  • I love UW Oshkosh because of Blackhawk Commons. I'm part of the Oshkosh Cross Country team and Blackhawk is simply a great place to eat good food and relax with my teammates. - John D.

  • I love going to eat my lunch on the balcony off the third floor of Reeve Union on a nice, warm Spring day. - Lindsey K.

  • I'm happy I go to UW Oshkosh because the chicken egg rolls at Jump Asian* are amazing... and so is the gym when I want to work them off. - Trish C.

  • The taste of "Sub Connection" after a lengthy break. It just tastes like school and socializing. I love my toasted ham on cheddar! For some reason it just reminds me of my wonderful days at UW Oshkosh. - Jenny T.

  • The most glorious sandwich in all of Oshkosh. Three words: Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. - Dan S.

  • I love being able to get a smoothie whenever I'm thirsty (or hungry, who knows?) for one! - Kyle K.

  • Monday night mashed potato bowls! - Melissa Z.

  • I love UWO because Dawn makes the best omelets every morning at Blackhawk. - John P.

  • Grabbing a Mocha at Reeve and a friend and heading to Polk Library to do some last-minute studying for finals at 11 at night! - Cheyenne H.

  • Free coffee and cookies in the library during finals week! - Courtney K.


  • I love getting a bagel and coffee every morning from MiTaza. I wouldn't be able to function without it. - Brittany B.

  • Living in the Scotts is the best because I can go down to Scotty's after everything else is closed and still get a decent meal. So convenient! - Natalie U.

  • I have always wanted to be a teacher, so I knew UW Oshkosh was the college for me. What I didn't know was that I would fall in love with the omelets and fresh fruit in Blackhawk Commons, which create an amazing start to all my days. - Abeni A.

  • I love sitting in MiTaza drinking a soy chai latte while I'm studying. It's relaxing and comfortable and I feel like I'm really a part of campus. - Samantha W.

  • The food is great. The service is even better. At "Sub Connection" in Reeve, they remember what I want on my sandwich. - Jessica B.

  • Buffalo Chicken Paninis: Epic-est sandwich. EVER. - Ashley R.

  • I love the great food at Titan Underground. Every Thursday my fiance and I go on a date night down there to use up our remaining flex meals and get ice cream, funnel cake fries or cheese curds. - Christine W.

  • MiTaza bagels every morning! - Haley L.

  • Funnel cake fries in the Titan Underground. - Madeline S.

  • No matter how cold it is, I still love going to Blackhawk for ice cream. - Amanda R.

  • I continue to enjoy being at UW Oshkosh because I love Tuesday and Thursdays at "Good to Go" in Blackhawk for Buffalo Chicken Paninis! They're awesome. Getting one of those basically makes my whole day better. - Cullin C.

  • I love getting the amazing potato bowls from the "Good to Go" room in Blackhawk. :) - Stacy W.

  • No matter how tiring classes get, I know a delicious buffet will be waiting for me at Blackhawk every night!  - Derek J. 

  • Garden Toss salads at Reeve Union are scrumptious. My favorite combo: Romaine lettuce, chicken, red and green peppers, cheese, raisins and olive oil. Boy, do they fill you up! - Fabiola N.