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Environment and Atmosphere


  • I love that the sidewalks are always shoveled for my 8 a.m. class! - Brynn R.

  • I do happen to like winter in Wisconsin. One of the easy things about campus is that all the buildings are close together - so being cold is only temporary. Dressed properly, sometimes the cold air is a good wake-up after a long class. - Annette S.

  • The campus is easily walkable. There's nowhere you can't get to in less than 15 minutes. It would take longer to get somewhere in winter, but the grounds crew are champs at clearing off snow and ice. - Carl G.

  • I love the small campus size and bigger school feel. UWO has an overall friendly vibe that makes you feel welcome and at home. I love recognizing faces on campus... even if I don't personally know the person, it is nice to see a familiar face. - Maci W.

  • I like walking through historic Dempsey Hall on cold winter days to get across campus. - Jacob C.

  • When I toured other colleges it didn't go as I expected it to. I knew it just wasn't right until I toured UWO. I chose UW Oshkosh because I immediately felt welcome and knew I could easily call it home. I cannot wait to start in the Fall!  - Mikaela H.

  • I love being able to have all four seasons at UWO! You can swim in the summer, relax on the grass in spring, play in the snow in winter and jump in the leaves in fall! What beats a little of everything?! - Briel P.

  • Oshkosh was one of many colleges that I toured. I toured Oshkosh last and fell in love. The buildings... the environment... the activities... the location. Everything. It was perfect. I knew it was the place for me. - Courtney B.

  • The awesome view of the Fox River looking out of my Res Hall window. - Ali K.

  • I love how close knit the UWO campus is. All the buildings are close together and within easy walking distance from one another. It makes me feel safe and it makes everything a little less intimidating coming in as a freshman. :) - Maggie D.

  • I decided to go to UW Oshkosh after the first tour. I loved the town, people and school! It is everything I pictured college to be for me. - Lyndsie K.

  • The campus is large, but it isn't totally massive. When looking into colleges I saw how many opportunities there are at Oshkosh for not just what I already like, but for things I have always wanted to try. - Jessica L.

  • Not only the way the campus looks in spring, but how amazing it smells when all the lilacs bloom! - Cecilie W.

  • The very first time that I visited UW Oshkosh I fell in love. I mean the campus itself is awesome. It was a place that I could imagine myself going to. Things like the student union and the programs they offer made my decision fairly easy! - Chao X.

  • I love UWO because of its initiative to be a greener college. We are the nation's first Fair Trade University and are taking steps to make UWO sustainable! - Tashia N.

  • I love UW Oshkosh during April and May when the weather is getting nice and there is a ton of people on campus. Our campus is kept very well and I love walking to class seeing all the flowers and smiles on peoples' faces. - Jordan D.

  • When I went for a visit at UW Oshkosh, it was nothing like all the other schools I visited. I knew right then that this was where I wanted to spend the next four years in college. Oshkosh has everything I'm looking for -- AND MORE! - Taylor K.


  • The blossoms on the trees outside the Scotts in the springtime are beautiful. - Kari R.

  • The first time I came to UWO it was my 18th birthday. It was beautiful and the sun was shining. The atmosphere on campus really grabbed me. Later on, when I fell in love with Nursing, I knew that UWO would be the best school for me. - Jenna B.

  • Oshkosh can have both a big and small school feeling. When classes let out hte sidewalk is crazy with people, but wait 15 minutes and Oshkosh becomes a peaceful school that makes you feel like you're the only one around and special. - Katherine B.

  • One reason to go to UW Oshkosh is to watch the sunset on the Fox River at the edge of campus. - Sarah K.

  • I love the campus in the spring when the flowers start to bloom and it starts getting warm outside. It's so beautiful and uplifting. - Cari G.

  • I always feel nostalgic when school is out. I guess I've grown attached to this school and I feel like part of me is missing when school is out for too long or I'm not on campus to feel the vibe. - Jorge L.

  • I love the community and professors I'm surrounded by, the location and being able to see squirrels and birds each day when walking to school! - Sarraea S.

  • I love that I can walk from my residence hall to anywhere on campus and feel safe because of all the security button towers. - Eli G.

  • Walking around campus during the summer and seeing all of the beautiful flowers on campus. The grounds always look good and it is visually a great place to gain motivation! - Theresa G.

  • I like that I can be anywhere from the beach to the north woods at UWO... and when I say "beach" I mean the view of the Fox River... and by "north woods" I mean seeing all the wonderful squirrels that hover around the campus sidewalks and throw nuts down from the trees! - Jessica C.

  • I love UW Oshkosh because it has given me the opportunity to expand my horizons and better myself academically, personally and professionally. Everyone on campus has something nice to say to brighten your day! - Katherine M.

  • UW Oshkosh is my home away from home! - Cori G.

  • There are so many nooks and crannies to study in. It makes the choice of where to study really fun. There are pleasant places literally everywhere! - April D.

  • It is the perfect size! Not too big, not too small! You feel like you know everyone on a campus of 13,000! - Dan S.

  • You don't have to walk very far to class if you live on campus. - Marissa G.

  • I love the beautiful view across the river that I get right here in my Res Hall room! - Rosalyn V.

  • I love walking and hanging out on the front lawn of Halsey Science Center. There are a bunch of trees there that turn brilliant colors in the fall. - Kaitlin G.

  • How beautiful campus looks in fall. - Michelle G.

  • Oshkosh is a smaller, large university, which is perfect for me. It's a very compact campus -- it takes about 12 minutes to walk from one end of campus to the other. I always see at least one person I know on my way to class or to Reeve. - Mallory S.

  • The reason why I love UW Oshkosh is because the campus itself is great. It is one of the greenest ones in the state and I always see my friends along the way to class. Even more so, the atmosphere here is just so welcoming! - Nickolas E.

  • The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is a clean and beautiful campus. Everybody is welcoming to new students and it is easy to meet new people as well. UWO is a great school because the campus is filled with heritage and knowledge. - Brigham B.

  • I love how pretty the trail behind the SRWC looks in fall on a sunny day, with the sun sparkling on the Fox River and the colors of the leaves popping. The trees and benches add to the overall feeling of peacefulness. - Marie S.

  • I love to look out my window in the morning when it is snowing and see the whole campus covered in snow. It's like I'm living in a giant snow globe. - Cassandra F.

  • I love the feel here. It's right by the river and you normally have a nice, clean breeze throughout campus. I feel like I am not away from home, but that I am home. - Elizabeth J.

  • It's a beautiful campus. Every day I walk to class I am greeted with beautiful architecture and breathtaking scenery. - Patrick R.

  • I love walking in the fall and nearly tripping daily because the beautiful and bold colors of the leaves are so distracting. - Whitney D.
  • At UW Oshkosh you feel like you never left home. The environment is so welcoming that when you do go back home, you miss it here. - Melanie T.

  • When I was touring campuses, I only visited UW Oshkosh because it felt so much like home that I didn't even need to visit anywhere else. - Jacey H.

  • What I enjoy about UW Oshkosh is the population of the campus. It's big enough to make me feel like I'm out in the real world with independence, but at the same time I see familiar faces everywhere I go. - Amber K.

  • I love UWO because I never have to walk for more than 10 minutes in the wonderful Wisconsin weather. - McKenzie R.

  • I feel extremely safe walking alone through the UW Oshkosh campus. - Sarah P.
  • No doubt the best reason to go to UW Oshkosh is the small, homey feeling of the campus. The gym and people there are definitely a plus too! :) - Katherine T.

  • Oshkosh has one of the friendliest atmospheres I have ever encountered - whether it be students, friends, faculty or even the people around town. Everyone has a good time while they are here. - Samantha S.

  • I go to UW Oshkosh because it is close to home... and it makes me feel at home. - Blia V.

  • I love going to UWO because who doesn't love seeing squirrels all over the campus? As true as that is, what I truly love about UWO is that the campus is small enough that you see your friends walking to class. - Ben K.

  • I love walking through the beautiful and brightly colored tree-filled campus in the fall. - Lauren K.

  • The proximity of everything on campus. It never takes long to get anywhere. Classes are close together, so when it is raining or during a blizzard, the buildings aren't far apart either! - Kyle C.

  • I love how the UW Oshkosh campus is so close together. It's fun to say hi to people I know as I pass them walking to class. - Jessica H.

  • I love walking to classes when it is snowing. The snow falls slowly and peacefully. It covers the campus in a blanket of white. Winter is the best season to walk to classes because the campus looks so beautiful. - Mark W.

  • I love the way the campus looks during winter - especially when I'm at the library reading or studying by the windows when it is snowing out. To me, it is a very calming atmosphere. - Goran K.

  • What I love about Oshkosh is how beautiful the pathways near the academic buildings look when it is dark out, snowing and the street lamps are all lit up. It's definitely a beautiful occurrence.  - Chelsae H. 

  • I love Sage Hall, the new academic building. It is eco-friendly AND there are leather seats and surround sound in the lecture halls! Sage is also home to Einstein Bros. Bagels! It is super-delicious and convenient. - Caitlin H.

  • I love the way the campus looks when the trees are covered in snow! It is so beautiful and temporarily takes your mind off the cold, crisp air. - Sarah R. 

  • Many colleges are spread out or way too urban... The reason I picked Osh and still love it is because of the great campus -- and that professor who always walks around campus and holds doors open for everyone. - Ben R.

  • I love walking the sidewalks in and around campus. It is then I get the feeling I belong to something special: to a place that will forever be a memory of a time where I was happy learning with great people. - Tracy G.