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Placement Testing Information

As a new freshman for fall 2015, you are required to participate in the University of Wisconsin System Regional Placement Testing program. You will need to complete placement tests in English and math prior to your Odyssey 2015: Advisement and Registration day.

General Information

  • Online registration will begin on February 1, 2015.

  • Your placement test scores will be used to place you in appropriate level college courses.

  • You are required to take the English and math placement tests unless you have completed a transferable college English composition course and/or math course.

  • You will need to complete your English and math placement tests at least one week prior to your assigned Odyssey freshman orientation and registration date. Testing in March or April will allow ample time for your academic adviser to receive your test scores before you attend Odyssey in May or June and register for fall classes.

  • Foreign language placement testing is optional. Please review the section below that discusses foreign language placement testing for further information.

Testing Dates and Odyssey

There are numerous testing dates during March, April and May at various UW System campuses. You may test at any location, allowing you to test closer to home.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Students attending Odyssey in May must take placement tests in March or April.

  • Students attending Odyssey in June must take placement tests in March, April or May.

  • Placement tests may not be taken on your Odyssey day.

Foreign Language Placement Testing (Optional)

To take the foreign language placement test in French, German or Spanish, you must have two or more years experience in the language in which you wish to test.

There is a possibility to earn retroactive credits by taking the UW Oshkosh foreign language course you test into and earning a grade of "B" or better in that course. Retroactive credit for foreign language is a topic that will be explained further to you on your Odyssey day.

Earning College Credit While in High School?

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Questions or concerns?

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