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Music Audition Information

Important information for music majors and minors:

All students planning on a major or minor in music must successfully pass an audition prior to their Odyssey 2014: The Beginning registration date. (Note: The new Music Industry minor does not require an audition.)

Scheduled audition are held in February through April. Additional auditions may be scheduled based on available space in studios. If you have not yet met arrangements for an entrance audition, please contact the Department of Music immediately at (920) 424-4224.

We ask that auditions be set up before May 1 (dependent on open spots in studios); however, it may be possible to audition during the summer months if your applied instrument instructor is available.

Failure to audition will prohibit your declaration of a Music major or minor when coming to schedule your courses at Odyssey.

For more information on audition requirements, visit the Department of Music website.