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Employee ACH Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Will there be any way to generate an e-mail to let me know the payment has been processed?

A.    There is no notification when your reimbursement has been processed.  However, your payment should be deposited in your bank account within 15 business days after it is received in Financial Services not when you submit it to your department for approval. 

Q.  What account is an ACH Payment deposited into when I have multiple accounts connected for payroll deposits?

A.  ACH will deposit your reimbursement into the “net pay” account entered in the Human Resources System (HRS).  If there is no “net pay” account, your reimbursement will be deposited in the first account.

Q.  Are you building in a “suggested” business process on how to notify me when the expense reimbursement is completed, going to be posted to my account, and if there are any changes to the reimbursement amount?

A.  We are not developing any “suggested” business process on how to notify employees when expense reimbursements are completed.

Q.  How will the payment show up on my bank statement?

A.  The notification appearing on your banking statement might look like this; your banking institution is required to include the company name of UWOSH;

•    “Electronic Deposit” or
•    “Electronic Withdrawal” or
•    “WEB Authorized Payment”

Q.  If I need to make changes to my deposit accounts, who should I contact?

A.  Please contact Human Resources at 424-1166 or click here for the form
The completed form should be sent directly to Human Resources.

Q.  If more than one Travel Expense Form (TER) is entered, how do I know which TER has been reimbursed?

A.  The total will show up as one deposit.  You should keep a copy of all submitted TERs for reference.

 Q.  If I have questions, who should I contact?

A.  Please direct related questions to our general Financial Services email account at or call 424-3990.


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