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Off Campus Mail

Off Campus Mail

University supplies and postage are to be used for official mail only. Personal mail charged to university accounts constitutes fraudulent use of state funds. Violators are subject to prosecution.

Individual pieces of mail will be processed and sent to the post office only if they bear the name, department name, and mail code of the sender. Pieces not bearing this information will be returned to the mailer.

Larger groups of letters should be securely bundled together. A bundle consists of ten or more letters sent under the same mail code and may be comprised of either domestic or foreign mail, but not both. Bundles may be mailed with facing slips listing the sender's name, department, and mail code. All envelopes in the bundle must face the same direction, with the return address in the upper left hand corner.  The envelope flaps must be up and nested if being sealed by Postal Services.  If there are less than ten envelopes, all envelopes must be sealed to prevent their contents from falling out.  Failure to do this may delay delivery or cause the item to be returned to sender.  

Mail received after 3:30pm is not posted until the next business day. It is expected that all official mail will be sent by the most economically practical means. The class of service given to unmarked mail will be decided by Postal Services.

Packages are mailed in the most economical way unless otherwise noted or requested. 


University business mail is considered to be that which deals with the business of the university or its subdivisions, or that promotes the mission of the university or its subdivisions. Examples of "official mail" are:

  • correspondence with agencies, institutions, and organizations dealing with official actions of the university or its subdivisions;
  • letters of recruitment;
  • manuscripts or reports submitted to scholarly journals which do not entail, as a prime objective, monetary  return to the sender;
  • materials relating to approved research projects or the teaching function of the sender.


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