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Turnaround Time & Scheduling Large Jobs

Turnaround Time

  1. Document Services uses the campus mail delivery system to transport your documents. Your department has been provided with locked mail bags to be used by the department when sending documents to the center for production.
  2. Document Services can and does provide “next day” turnaround on most jobs (providing we have the required paper and work load allows).**
  3. Orders placed using NowDocs helps to ensure a 24 hour minimum turnaround time for 1000 impressions or less.
    • All campus distributions must be turned in to our office no later than noon the day before you want it distributed though campus mail.
    • Please contact Document Services for urgent items that need to be completed more quickly than our normal turnaround time allows.
    • All jobs will be sent through intra-campus mail unless you specify on the work order that you would like to pick it up.
    • Until paper work orders are phased out, please keep the pink carbon page of your work order. It’s the only way we can track your order!
  4. Bindings
    • Comb binding (1-5 day turn-around time)**
    • Coil binding (1-5 day turn-around time)**
    • Tape binding (normal turn-around time)**

NOTE: Fall semester, beginning August 1, and Spring semester, beginning January 1, are heavy times, all larger jobs, including manuals, syllabi, course work, etc. are completed on a first come, first served basis.

**All turnaround time is subject to current work load. Please call ahead and check our schedule if you have something urgent to print.


Scheduling Large Jobs

  • If you are planning a long-run job, it is best to contact Document Services’ personnel and inform them of the total number of copies you need, the approximate number of originals you have, and paper stock requested. This advance notice enables you to get your work into the production schedule while you are still working on your copy preparation; it also ensures that the appropriate paper will be in stock.

NOTE: Delays in project completions can occur for a variety of reasons, including: incomplete work request forms; digital files sent in without needed supporting files, such as fonts, pictures, or graphics needed; rush periods; mail delivery problems; machinery breakdowns; and/or special requests.

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