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Chancellors Memo 2010 - 2011

February 11, 2010

To:    Lane Earns Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
    Tom Sonnleitner, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services
    Petra Roter, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
    Arthur Rathjen, Exec. Dir. of Development and Alumni Affairs

From:    Richard H. Wells

Re:    Major Budget Policies/Guidelines for the 2010-11 Annual Budget Development Process

As we prepare for the 2010-11 fiscal year, several things are apparent: (1) the national and state economic environment is beginning to look better, but has not fully recovered as of yet, (2) State of Wisconsin projected tax revenues appear to be within reasonable range, but no determination will be made regarding budget adjustments until after the November elections, and (3) campus financial planning for the 2009-10 fiscal year was successful and met the goals of funding required for reductions and provided adequate reserves to maintain solvency and meet operational needs.

The 2009-10 2.5% reduction to GPR funds across the campus, along with the use of a $2.5 million dollar rainy day fund, will allow UW Oshkosh to end the year with a small reserve because of the one-time nature of some of the base reductions and assuming that no budget lapse or recision is required prior to June 30, 2010.  In addition, there will be unused Growth Agenda funds and other resources that will allow us to absorb a reasonable level of reduction should it come our way.  Until we are assured that no further reductions are forthcoming, we will hold this one-time funding centrally.

Notes and Key Principles

As a first step in the 2010-11 annual budget planning, we will utilize an expanded approach. We will again distribute the customary budget spreadsheets which reflect your 2009-10 budget updated for unclassified and classified increases and other adjustments.  We will also distribute a spreadsheet which outlines the distribution of the Campus-wide Growth Agenda funding and the unique department numbers assigned to assist us in reviewing the progress of the initiatives.  As has previously been discussed, Growth Agenda funds will be released annually only as expenditures are incurred toward the goals.



  • Utilizing the lump sum entry approach, please submit your Unclassified/Classified salary line-ups(checkbook) by March 1, 2010.  This should tie to your 2010-11 budget planning base as presented in attachment B.  The LTE, Student Assistant, S/E and Capital budgets will be loaded as outlined in Attachment B.

  • Growth Agenda budgets were not  held harmless from the FY 2009-11 biennial budget reduction and have been adjusted centrally. 


The attached spreadsheets reflect your division’s base budget allocation for 2010-11 updated for unclassified and classified increases and other adjustments.


  • Attachment A starts with your 2009-10 Redbook adjusted planning target and lists  the approved adjustments used to determine the planning target for 2010-11.
  • Attachment B is a breakout of your 2010-11 budget planning base for fund 102, 105, 115 and 402.  Please ensure that your submission is within the allocation.
  • Attachment C represents your base budget reduction at 2.5% calculated at 80% salary reduction and 20% S/E reduction. If you were not able to reduce your salary budget by the full 80% in FY2009-10, please work with your vice chancellor to establish a plan to meet the full 80% salary reduction.  For simulation purposes, the Growth Agenda funding has been included. The budgets related to Differential Tuition and Student Technology have been held harmless.  
  • Attachment D outlines the Growth Agenda funding and the unique department numbers.




Please remember, each unit is now responsible for all salary increases related to Faculty, Academic Staff and Classified Staff, except for pay plan.


I want to emphasize that we will continue, even given large budget cuts, to support past and future high priority strategic budgetary decisions designed to keep our University moving forward.


  • Complete all current year tenure-track faculty searches.
  • Continue our support of the Liberal Education Reform Team initiatives.
  • Support our commitment to sustainability initiatives.
  • Enhance our campus’s emergency notification systems.
  • Maintain expanded student academic support programs supported by differential tuition.
  • Maintain current number of seats in courses for our students.
  • Ensure that the full schedule of summer sessions course offerings is supported by your GPR base.
  • Value employees and avoid layoffs with the help of the Governor and the Legislature.




Date Action
February 8
Chancellor’s Staff, Deans, LLCE

February 10
U-Plan meeting
March 12
Unclassified/Classified salary line-ups
April 1
Campus budget submitted to System
April 2-5
Campus-wide budget update e-mail communication


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