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Printing Invoices


When you place an order with MDS or from any of the prime vendors you receive a temporary order number that begins with "PVX" – This represents a pending order-this is not an official invoice number. The entire order or part of the order has not yet shipped from the vendor so the order has not been invoiced. After an order has been shipped by MDS or from any of the above prime vendors, then the temporary order number is replaced with official invoice number.

When your MDS account has been charged you always receive a Payment Confirmation (via email) with the subject line reading "MDS receipt for MDXXXXX (your MD number).

Go out to the MDS Store Lobby and click on "Invoice Status". You will see your official invoices.

Each invoice will start with a letter(s) followed by a series of numbers. The letters represents the vendor.

CE = Staples invoices

RTN = credit for product returned

L = Fisher Scientific

INV = MDS Warehouse invoices

M = Grainger



Click on the invoice number. You can print the invoice for your records.

If you are missing invoices older than 60 days then click on "TRANSACTIONS" then select "year" then "month" and you can see all your invoices for a particular month.

All official invoices should be attached to your Purchasing VISA records. If you ever have to call MDS about an order they do not want the PVX number but rather the Invoice number as well as your MDS Account number. The Packing List is NOT an invoice but rather an order summary.

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