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General Purchasing Guidlines

There are a number of methods for purchasing items within the UW - Oshkosh Campus. Below is the decision making tree for purchasing goods or services.

1. Dollar Thresholds Under 5,000

Most commodities (e.g. books, calculators, office supplies, etc.) can be purchased using the department Procurement Card, providing that there are not mandatory State Contracts requiring purchase via a PO. If your department does not have a Procurement Card, contact Susan Poff for more information at x2006. Travel related transactions and Services (e.g. lodging, food, cleaning, catering, maintenance, etc.) under $5,000 CANNOT be charged to the Procurement Card; these purchases must be charged to your Corporate/Travel Card or reimbursed via a Direct Payment Request (DPR). For more information please consult the Procurement Card Restriction List. Serial Purchasing is also prohibited. This is the process of making a series of orders/purchases totaling more than $5,000 in any 90 day period to the same vendor for the same commodity or service without the benefit of the bid process.

If a Department does not have a Procurement Card, a Direct Payment Request (DPR) can be completed and submitted to the Accounts Payable Office for reimbursement or for payments which a department already has a bill.


2. $5,000 - $25,000 Purchases

 For purchases of items between $5,000 and $25,000 a competitive process is required where three quotes (verbal or written) need to be obtained from all vendors. Please forward a requisition with any quotes you've obtained to the Purchasing Office. A Purchase Order will be issued to the low/responsible bidder. The Purchase Order Form and instructions can be found on the UW - Oshkosh Purchasing Forms Page

Note: Services and Entertainment contracts over $5,000 must be processed with a Purchase Requisition. The contract must be submitted for review and signature by Vice Chancellor Thomas Sonnleitner, then forwarded to the Purchasing Office with the PO attached. 


3. Purchases over $25,000

For items over $25,000 a competitive process is required. If the item is well defined and price is the main factor an Official Sealed Bid will be issued. If both quality and price is a factor than a Request for a Proposal process will be used. Please contact Bob Breu at x0405 for assistance in purchasing items or services above this dollar range. Both of these processes take time so please contact the Purchasing Office as early as possible.

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