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Practicum candidates will develop a Teacher Reflection Portfolio to document growth of new knowledge, skills and dispositions needed by a licensed educator to teach a new discipline or developmental level. The portfolio will reflect these elements of the candidate‚Äôs overall add-on licensure program relative to professional growth, student learning and the Wisconsin Educator Standards. The portfolio is intended to meet a licensure requirement established by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.  
Technology requirements
The Teacher Reflection Portfolio should be created in Microsoft Word with accompanying evidence submitted in the format that makes the most sense to the artifact. 


The electronic portfolio is Pass/Fail. To receive a passing grade, the rubric must show that you have satisfactorily completed each Step of the portfolio process. 
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Jennifer Stobbe

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The Add-On Program has had an immense impact on my development as a teacher, and therefore my students' learning, by allowing me to become more knowledgeable in the field of English and language arts and to improve my skills in English education.