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Secondary Education

Early Adolescence–Adolescence (EA-A, age 10–21) OR Early Childhood–Adolescence (EC-A, birth–age 21) in Art, Foreign Languages, Music or Physical Education

The Secondary Education program in EA-A is designed to prepare candidates to teach students in grades 6-12. The Secondary Education program in EC-A is allows candidates to teach their content from early childhood through high school.

Steps to Obtaining an Add-On License

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Transcript Review

  • Submit a transcript review request to see which courses you must complete to obtain licensure for this new content/developmental level.

Program Application

  • Submit the Add-On Program Application to your Program Coordinator for acceptance into the program.

  • A final determination of your individualized course plan will be developed for the license you wish to obtain. 


  • Complete the coursework for your new license at an accredited two- or four-year institution.

  • Courses may be taken on campus or via distance learning. 

  • Your Program Coordinator must approve all courses taken at any institution other than UW Oshkosh prior to enrollment.

  • Compacted courses, both in credit and time, are available for our Music candidates.

Note: Submitting Academic Life Experience in lieu of course deficiencies is an option; contact your Program Coordinator for more information. 

Content Tests

  • Praxis II scores are sent to you electronically.  It is your responsibility to submit your scores to the Center

  • Candidates adding a foreign language license will take the ACTFL.  


  • Complete a 3 credit/60 hour practicum in the new developmental area. Tuition is due during the semester in which you are enrolled.

  • The candidates teach in the content area(s) in which they are seeking an additional license(s). Hours may be split across the same course but to 2 different sections of students, 2 different content courses or levels related to the new license, or one content course if the school uses block scheduling.

  • Submit the required plan and acknowledgement form at least 2 weeks prior to your desired start date.


  • Create a professional portfolio, 
aligned with Wisconsin Educator Standards (PI 34), to document your growth in knowledge, skills and dispositions in the new developmental/content area.

License Application

  • The DPI is no longer accepting paper applications!  Please see this page for more information on how to process your application.

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The Add-On Program has had an immense impact on my development as a teacher, and therefore my students' learning, by allowing me to become more knowledgeable in the field of English and language arts and to improve my skills in English education.