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The Center for Additional Teaching Licenses recognizes that teachers bring their own unique combination of knowledge, skills and dispositions to the Add-On Program. Therefore, candidates are afforded the opportunity to determine their own practicum placements. 

  • This three-credit practicum experience requires a total of 60 hours of face-to-face teaching in the core content area(s) of the desired add-on license. Tuition for Practicum is due during the semester in which you are enrolled.

  • The structure of allotted time may be adjusted to fit individual school schedules and subject offerings.

  • The experience is typically undertaken after all program requirements are finished including successful completion of coursework and submission of a passing score on the appropriate content exam, unless permission is otherwise granted.

Planning Forms

Submit the two following forms at least two weeks prior to the start of Practicum. An email will be sent with an attached letter detailing the practicum plan to the candidate and endorsing administrators.

Acknowledgement of Participation

Candidates need to obtain signatures from a licensed school administrator and a district administrator/designee endorsing their participation in the Add-On Practicum.

Practicum Plan 

Candidates need to submit a plan outlining the dates, times, and content that will be taught during their practicum experience.

Practicum Plan Samples

Evaluation Forms

The Program evaluation instruments are designed to reflect the InTASC and Wisconsin Educator Standards as well as the College of Education and Human Services’ Conceptual Framework. These forms, or your district's comparable documents, should be submitted in accordance with the preferred dates listed on the previously mentioned practicum letter.

Observation Form

Candidates need to submit 2 formal observations made during their delineated practicum hours. The licensed school administrator is generally the person who completes these observations.

Final Evaluation Form

Candidates need to submit 2 final evaluations. 

  • One must be completed by the licensed school administrator and may be in the form of a letter of recommendation or an evaluation document. 


  • One must be completed by the Add-On Program candidate, which serves as a personal evaluation of the practicum experience.


 InTASC Standards 

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