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Penny Buckley

Center for Additional Teaching Licenses

EC-MC/MC-EA Licensure Program Coordinator

Buckley, Penny
Office: Campus Services 208
Phone: 920-424-3330

Professional Responsibilities:

  • Supervisor: student teachers at the elementary and middle school levels
  • Instructor: Supervision of Student Teachers online, workshop and hybrid courses
  • Coordinator: Center for Additional Teaching Licenses Early Childhood-Middle Childhood/Middle Childhood-Early Adolescent Add-On Licensure Program  

About Penny

I guess you could say that teaching “runs in my blood.” My grandmother, both parents, sister, husband and now daughter are or have been teachers at some point in their lives. I have had the opportunity to work with preschoolers through adult learners in my 30+ years in education and have been fortunate to experience working in conventional, split-grade, distance learning and online classrooms with students from small towns or urban areas. As long as intriguing “doors” keep opening in my life, I plan to walk through as many as I can!

I have an eclectic personality in terms of what I enjoy. A smartly crafted song, a creatively choreographed dance, a perfectly timed candid photo or a well-written story can instantly change my frame of mind. I spend my Sunday afternoons (and the occasional Monday and/or Thursday evenings) with my Green Bay Packers and a week seldom goes by without movies and popcorn at one of our local theaters. Other non-school activities I delight in include golfing, riding bikes, traveling or catching up on pleasure reading that always seems to get “lost” in a school year. 

I am inspired by things such as acts of unprompted kindness, thoughts of simplistic wisdom, participation in smart/sensitive conversations, the sound of authentic laughter and the beauty, tranquility and vastness of an alpine valley in the mountains of Wyoming. Multi-generational views from my parents, my daughters and now my great niece and nephew on everything from what constitutes “fun” to what makes political sense are a great springboard to the lifelong learning that keeps me going.

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