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Proposal Submission Form

Submissions will begin March 3, 2014. Deadline for submissions is Monday, March 24, 2014. Please answer all of the questions on this web form. Items with a red square are REQUIRED. If you have questions or problems, please contact Laura Knaapen, Director of Academic Computing, at 424-2368 or

In case we need to ask for clarification.
In case we need to ask for clarification.
If not the same as the Proposer's Name
Name of University Department Director, Chair, Vice Chancellor

Proposal Information (What, How, When)

Something short and descriptive of what you want. Not the name of the department you represent.
We understand that prices may change between time of proposal and time of purchase
BRIEF statement of What you want? Why this? Why now? If you're over two paragraphs, then you've gone too far. You can put the details in the next field.
What, specifically, will be purchased and at what cost. Quotes are helpful to verify that reasonable costs have been considered, however, new quotes will need to be acquired within 30 days of purchase. Campus hardware, software and security standards must be maintained. Please consult with IT staff via the Help Desk if you would like assistance.

If this proposal has been funded in the past, please provide metrics that demonstrate its effectiveness and/or student benefit. If this is a new proposal, how will success/campus benefit be measured?
How does this proposal/project fit University goals/mission?
How does the proposal/project benefit a majority of UW Oshkosh students?
Identify risks, if any. For example, risk if the proposal is not funded as well as risks such as data security, if it is funded.
Within what time frame will purchases be made? the project/proposal be completed?
Are there any annual costs, such as user licensing and maintenance? Note - Student Technology Fee funds will NOT be approved for data jack annual fees.

If you answered 'yes' above, please let us know who will pay the annual costs, especially if your department sponsor is willing to pitch in.
What is the anticipated lifespan of the hardware/software/service purchased? When and how will it be reviewed for continuation or retirement? We understand different components may have different lifespans, so please specify each.
Are you willing to attend a meeting of the Student Technology Fee Committee to briefly present your proposal and answer committee member questions, if needed?

If you really feel a need to attach a quote or other documentation, here is where you can do it. Remember that any quote you get now will not be valid to use to purchase the items later because of the time lag.