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Machine authentication - Campus Windows Imaged Laptops

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Use this procedure for campus owned machines. This assumes that 'Titan WiFi' profile is saved under the wireless settings in Windows already. If not a profile will need to be added.

UWOAD Domain Machine Authentication

  • Turn the wireless off on the laptop, it is typically signified as on by a blue light.
  • Go to 'Control Panel' -> 'Network and Sharing Center' -> 'Manage Wireless Networks' (look at the left side of the window).
  • Check if 'Titan WiFi' is in the list.  If it is, right click on it and delete.  Then click 'Add' -> 'Manually create a network profile'.  Under network name put 'Titan WiFi',  Security Type 'WPA2-Enterprise', encryption type 'AES' and check the 'Start this connection automatically'.  Click 'Next' and 'Close'.
  • Right click on 'Titan WiFi' and then the 'Security' tab.  Now go to 'Advanced Settings'.  Check 'Specify authentication mode:'.  Make sure that 'Computer authentication' is selected.  Click 'OK'.  Click 'OK' again.
  • Turn the laptop wireless back on.   Make sure that the laptop has selected 'Titan WiFi' for the wireless.
  • If there is a pop-up that ask to trust the certificate with a 'Connect' or 'Terminate' option, select 'Connect'.
  • If there are still problems connecting after doing all the above steps, connect to 'Titan WiFi Guest', with the laptop, open a browser, have the captive portal login pop up.  Then without signing in, connect back to 'Titan WiFi'.