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Guest Access for Wireless

Getting access to the campus wireless without having a NetID.

If you do not have a UW Oshkosh NetID, there are two ways for you to get access to the campus wireless.

  1. Call the IT Helpdesk at 424-3020, a guest account can be generated for you
  2. Use the guest self sign-in (only and email address is needed) available on 'Titan WiFi Guest' captive portal.  Please note there are limitations, a sign-in is limited to 90 minutes and only http and https services are available.

To Access the Wireless Guest Self Sign-in

  1. Navigate to your browser of choice, you should see the TitanWifi Guest login Screen shown below.Guest Wireless login screen
  2. The self sign-in box has a headline of 'Guest User' and requires a valid email address.  See the picture below.
    Guest Wireless Login Image
  3. Enter your email address and select Log In.

If you are hosting a conference, while not required, it would be helpful to get a guest access wireless from the IT helpdesk at least a day ahead of time.  Getting a guest access account will allow more services to be available than just http and https.