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First Time Connecting to Titan WiFi

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These procedure cover connecting to 'Titan WiFi', not 'Titan WiFi Guest'.

'Titan WiFi' provides an encrypted transit through the air.  'Titan WiFI Guest' does not use an encrypted transit and has a captive portal to authenticate against.


Windows 8/7/Vista personal laptops

Detailed procedure for connecting to 'Titan WiFi'

Windows 7 laptops Academic Computing imaged

Detailed procedure for connecting to 'Titan WiFi'


When prompted enter your NetID and password.  Click here for the detailed procedure.

iOS (iPad and iPhone)

Go to Settings --> WiFI.  Select 'Titan WiFi, then sign in with a NetID and password.  Click on 'Accept' if Non-Verifed message appears.

Note:  It is highly recommended on iOS and OS X devices to use the 'Titan WiFi' and not 'Titan WiFi Guest'.

Apple TV

Personal ones - Use the following procedure

Departmental ones or ones with no individual ownership, e.g. conference rooms - Please contact the IT Helpdesk at 424-3020


Android version 4.1.2 and above work best with the campus wireless.  Go to 'Settings' --> 'WiFi'.  Select 'Titan WiFi'.  Under identity enter a 'NetID' and then a password.  Select 'Connect'.

Other device types

Select 'Titan WiFi', if the option is available, make sure to use PEAP or PEAPv0 with MSCHAPv2.  Sign with a valid NetID and password.