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Bonjour wireless services

The campus wireless now support Bonjour or DNS-SD services with Aruba Networks Airgroup technology.

The campus has rolled out support for Bonjour services on wireless only.  This will be in testing throughout the Spring 2014 semester.  There are multiple services that can be advertised with this technology such as Apple TVs or Airprint enabled printers being the most known.  The services can be used the following ways:

  • All Bonjour services are advertised between devices that are signed in with the same UW Oshkosh NetID.  This is done without any configuration on the part of the client.
  • An individual user can share their Apple TV or AirPrint printer with specific other people by registering the device in the Clearpass portal.  This can be done without the intervention of the IT staff.
  • IT staff can set up services such as Apple TVs, that can be used by everyone within a geographic location of your choosing.  An Apple TV in a conference room can be limited to the building or just the conference room where it is placed.  For this to work please contact the IT helpdesk at 424-3020.

The IT department does not support advertising of Bonjours services between wired and wireless networks.

There are hundreds of services that can be advertised with Bonjour.  A few of the services have been restricted.  If you are struggling to get something to work please contact the IT helpdesk.