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Apple TV Connection Procedure - Personal

This is how to connect an Apple TV to 'Titan WiFi'.

Items Needed

  • OS X Laptop running 10.7 or better
  • USB to micro-USB cable
  • Apple Configurator
  • Apple TV 2nd or 3rd generation loaded with the latest iOS


Using Spotlight, search look for 'Keychain Access'.

Open up Keychain Access, go to the search in the top right and look for one of the below certificate names, right click on it and 'Export'.  Save to your desktop.  Do this for both certificates by repeating for the other certificate name.  If you do not have any of these certificates please make sure that your Mac has connected to 'Titan WiFi' prior.

  • RapidSSL  SHA256 CA - G3
  • GeoTrust Global CA


Install Apple Configurator on the laptop, if you haven't already downloaded and installed from the App Store.

Power up your Apple TV.  Also plug in the micro-USB to USB cable plug.  A screen will pop up.  You may have to open Apple Configurator.

Don't enroll, click 'Next'.

ATV Step 1

Don't install, click 'Next'.


Create a new profile, click 'Next'.




Go to the certificate tab and add the three certificates you saved earlier from the Keychain.


Goto the WiFi tab and enter the following values:

  • SSID - Titan WiFi (make sure to spell correctly)
  • Security Type - WPA/WPA2 Enterprise
  • Accepted EAP Types - PEAP (should be only one checked)
  • Username - Use your NetID username
  • Password - Use your NetID password


Go to the Trust tab and trust the three above certificates, then 'Save'.  Also add '' under 'Trusted Server Certificate Name'.


Select the profile and then click 'Next'.


Select 'Configure'.


Follow the instructions


If you see this screen you have succeeded in configuring.



To confirm that a profile has been loaded, on the Apple TV, go to 'Settings' -> 'General' -> 'Profies'.  You should see the name of the profile you just created.  It is also recommended that you put a passcode on it, if you intend to share your Apple TV on wireless.  Putting the Apple TV in a never sleep state will help.