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UW Oshkosh Wireless

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Spring 2014 Wireless Changes

Wireless uses NetID for authentication.

New wireless access points have been installed in Halsey, Polk, and Reeve.

Guest access procedures have changed.

The wireless can now support Bonjour services, please contact the helpdesk if you have an Apple TV you'd like available on wireless.  Please check back here for future updates on wireless.  This will be in testing for the Spring 2014 semester.

Log into wireless with your NetID.  Do not use your email address or TitanWeb account (W0123456).  For more information about what is your NetID, see here.

Connection procedures for wireless.

Wireless at UW Oshkosh

Find out what can connect to wireless and the services available.

Printing from wireless to lab printers is available. You will have to be connected to TitanWiFi in order to print wirelessly.

If there are problems with wireless, fill out this form.  The more specific information the better.