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Identity Finder FAQ

General Questions


Will Identity Finder look through all my documents?

Yes, but it is not looking for anything other than a very specific set of number sequences formatted in a very specific way.  Identity Finder is not reading your documents to find out anything about you other than if there is any personally identifiable information (PII) in the document.


Will the Identity Finder team be able to see any of the information that the scan finds?

No, the identity finder team will not be able to see any of the numbers that are found on your computer. The identity finder endpoint will only send back the last four digits of the personally identifiable information (PII) found. These numbers are sent to them to aid in assisting any remediation steps that take place. This ensures that your bank account, passport, social security number, and credit card numbers are not duplicated.


Will Identity Finder report anything illegal it finds on my computer?

No, Identity Finder is only looking through your documents to find a very specific set of numbers formatted a very specific way. Identity Finder is not looking at the contents of your computer outside of these numbers.


What happens if Identity Finder finds PII on my computer?

I.F. will present you, the end user, with a list of every item it thinks is PII at the end of the scan.  It will then be a joint effort with the I.F. team and the user to either confirm that it is PII and should be removed, or that it is a false positive and can be left alone.  After you have finished cleaning, the I.F. client will send some of the data collected back to the I.F. team.


What is Identity Finder sending to the IF team?

  1. The location on your computer where the file containing PII was found.
  2. The name of the file.
  3. The last 4 digits of the number found.
  4. The action you took against the PII.
  5. The date and time it was found.
  6. The type of PII it was (Credit Card number, Passport, etc…)
  7. The file format that it was found in.
  8. How many instances of PII were found in each file.



Technical Questions


How do I shred a file?

A file can be shredded by selecting the check box next to the file name and clicking on the shred button on the top ribbon. Once a file is shredded, it is permanently erased.


I accidentally shredded a file, how do I get it back?

You cannot retrieve a file that has been shredded. It is deleted to Department of Defense standards and is effectively irrecoverable.


Is there a difference between ‘skipping’ and ‘ignoring’ a file?

No, there is functionally no difference between these two choices.


I would like to have Identity Finder search for more specific information.

Yes, Identity finder does provide the option to search for specific information.  For instance, if you wish to search for your phone number or home address, you will be able to do that.  The Identity Finder technical team can assist with creating custom search query.


I’m having trouble adjusting some settings in Identity Finder.

Identity finder has been restricted to search for only the most sensitive data:

Bank account numbers
Social Security numbers
Credit card numbers
Passport numbers
Driver’s License numbers
If you wish to search for any additional values, please see the entry on searching for more specific information.
You will also be unable to adjust where Identity Finder searches.  These restrictions are in place to ensure that the client is able to scan the entire hard drive, yet limit it so it does not scan any network drives or plugged in USB devices.
If a setting is unable to be changed, and you have a valid reason for it to be configured by the user, send an email to and the IF team will assess your request and get back to you as soon as possible.


Can I scan my computer at my own request?

To minimize errors and accidental deletions, clients are not allow to initiate their own scans until they have received proper training on how to best use the Identity Finder client software.