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Identity Finder

Identity Finder (I.F.) is a commercially available product that is designed to find personally identifiable information (PII) located on your computer. The PII that will be scanned for are: social security numbers, credit card numbers, passport numbers, and bank account numbers.

I.F.’s purpose is to locate and remove this information. In the event that your computer is compromised, any data on your computer could potentially be siphoned off and distributed or sold for malicious use.

Modern day virus and malware creators are interested in stealing any personal information off your computer and less interested in harming your data. They make no money harming your computer, but make millions selling or using social security numbers.

By cooperating with the IF team at UW-Oshkosh, you are protecting yourself as well as other university staff and students.

Identity Finder goals:
1. Dramatically decrease the risk of a data leak in the event a computer is compromised.
2. Educate users why having PII on their computers is a security risk and campus liability.
3. Clean university business computers of PII.
4. Clean university faculty computers of PII.