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Titan Web Log In

Explains how to log in to Titan Web and Reset Password.

Titan Web website:


First Log In and Password Reset

The following steps will guide you through standard UserID and password log in.

  1. Type your User ID into the appropriate box. UserID consists of a capital W followed by your seven digit campus ID number (located under your name on your ID card).
  2. Your initial password should be in all capital letters and consists of the first two letters of your first name, first two letters of your last name, and the last four digits of your campus ID number. Example: John Doe 0123456  UserID: W0123456      Password: JODO3456
  3. Once you are logged in, in the upper left corner under Menu and Set up SACR you will see Change My Password.
  4. Click on Change My Password and type in your current password in the appropriate box.
  5. In the New Password box, type in a new password using the guidelines below:
    • At least 7 characters
    • Not a word found in the system dictionary
    • Not the same as the username
    • No consecutive same characters
    • At least one character from three of the following categories:
      • Upper Case (A-Z)
      • Lower Case (a-z)
      • Numbers (1-9)
      • Special characters (!@#$%^&*_+,-./)
  6. Repeat the password from New Password in Confirm Password.


Setting up Password Hint

Setting up a password hint is not required, but recommended for easy retrieval of lost or forgotten passwords.

To set up a Password Hint:

  1. Click on Setup Password Hint under the Set Up SACR on the left side Menu.
  2. Select Change or set up a forgotten password hint from under the Password heading.
  3. Select the security you would like to answer from the Question menu.
  4. Type in the answer you would like to have have in the Response box.
  5. Click OK.

Once this is finished, if you lose or forget your password, you select Forgot Your Password? from the homepage and follow the directions given.