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Announcements and Discussion Lists

Information about the email lists that include employees campus wide.

The employee mailing lists are a method of distributing E-Mail to all employees who want to receive such mailings. There are two lists available to employees:

  • is to be used for sending University information via email that would otherwise be duplicated and sent through intercampus mail.
  • is a forum for employees to discuss and debate current issues and topics of interest to the University community.

By default, everyone is subscribed to both lists. If you would like to opt out of either mailing list, please send a message from the account you wish to unsubscribe to State which list (discussion, announcements, or both) you wish to change, and whether you want to unsubscribe or resubscribe.

Students normally are not included on these lists unless they are also have employee status.  Such students may request to be removed from these lists.

If you intend on using either list, please review the Guidelines for the Use of University-Maintained E-Mail Distribution Lists.

You must use your university E-Mail address and be a member of the list before you can post to this list (i.e. If you have unsubscribed, you may not post. You cannot use your Internet Service Provider's E-Mail address (i.e.

We recommend that you do not create an entry of any kind in an address book for this list. It is very easy to mistakenly include the wrong nickname in a message and send it. Once the message is sent, it is sent. There is no way to stop the delivery of a message once it is sent.

If you experience any problems or have any questions, please contact the Academic Computing Help Desk (424-3020).