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Off Campus File Access

This provides steps for off-campus access to your campus-provided U: drive and shared campus S: drive. Another alternative for off-campus file access is TitanApps (Google Drive).

You need to be added to an Active Directory Group called "EFT Server Users".  You need to call the helpdesk, x3020, and request to be added to this group or send an email to

If you have a Windows, Mac, or Linux machine download and install the appropriate version of filezilla client.  This is free and can be downloaded at  Below are screen shots of setting it up.


1.  Select the Site Manager Icon (highlighted below) Then click on New Site.

Filezilla Access


2.  Enter in the appropriate configuration setting (shown below) and click Connect.

Windows_username is just a place holder for your user name e.g., smithj.

Filezilla Access 2


3.  Check the box to trust this Host.

Filezilla Access 3


4.  You should now be able to drag and drop files to the folders you have rights to.

Filezilla Access 4