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Account Eligibility

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This will help you determine if you are eligible for an account.

If you are eligible for an account, but have not received any information about it, please contact the ACS Help Desk.

Eligible Employees

    1. All faculty and staff who are on the current payroll.
    2. Faculty who are teaching on an ad-hoc basis with approval from their supervisor.
    3. Individuals who have accepted an offer of employment with approval of their supervisor.
    4. Graduate assistants.
    5. Individuals who have retired from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh (must be requested).
    6. New students working for the university prior to first day of classes who are registered for the next semester and have approval from their supervisor.
    7. Employees of certain organizations affiliated with but not officially part of the University.


Eligible Students

    1. New freshmen that have paid their enrollment fee.
    2. Individuals with existing accounts who are registered for the current or next semester.
    3. Graduate students who have taken at least one class in the last two years.
    4. Individuals who graduated with the most recent graduation class (E-Mail only upon request).
    5. May and August graduates are allowed a one-time extension to the following Dec. 15; December graduates are allowed a one-time extension to the following May 15. Students must register Email extensions with Academic Computing Help Desk, Dempsey 207 with a picture ID, calling 424-3020, or sending an e-mail from their UW Oshkosh email account to before their account locks.
    6. Other requests for E-mail can be sent to Laura Knaapen.


Account Transactions

      • All account transactions typically take place within one week of any change in status.
      • All accounts that are deactivated for more than 6 months will be removed from the system.
      • Account transactions involving approval by a supervisor, director or other individual will be handled as approvals are granted and time permits.
      • Employee and student accounts are automatically created once the individual attains employee or student status for the first time.
      • Accounts will be deactivated when an individual no longer meets the eligibility criteria listed above.
      • Accounts will be automatically reactivated upon any individual regaining an eligibility status.
      • Individuals retiring from the University must contact ACS, 424-3020 or, to prevent their account from being deactivated.