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Account Deactivation

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Describes situations in which accounts are deactivated.

Several times a year, user accounts determined to no longer be affiliated with the university are deactivated. An email will be sent to your university email address 2-3 weeks prior to the account being deactivated.

Account eligibility is determined based on information from Human Resources for employees and the student information system (PeopleSoft/Titan Web) for students. These systems are considered the definitive source of employment or student status, if you have received a notice of deactivation it is based on data provided from these sources.

Account deactivation notices come from our help desk email account, and will not ask for any personal information or passwords via email or web forms. Don't be fooled by scams sending false warnings about account activity and asking for your account information or password.

Deactivated accounts cannot be used to send or receive mail. Accounts which have been in deactivated state for longer than 6 months may be deleted from the system.


  • Students are eligible to retain an account if they are a new incoming student (paid matriculation fee), or a student enrolled or eligible to enroll in classes in the current or following semesters.
  • Students on military leave, academic leave, study abroad, or other academic programs which don't include enrollment in a course may retain an email account. This information is not always provided to Academic Computing, please contact us if you receive a deactivation notice to retain your account.
  • Students taking a semester/year off from school are not generally eligible to retain an email account. Should you decide to return in the future, your account will be reactivated or recreated.
  • Recent graduates may apply for an extension if additional time is required to move to an Alumni or other email account.
  • Students who have graduated may have an Alumni email account. Register for an account at



  • Former employees who quit or are terminated are not eligible for an account after their employment end date.
  • Employees who work 1 semester per year (or less) may find their account is pending deactivation due to not having a contract between semesters. Contact Academic Computing to have your account extended between off semesters if this is the case.
  • If you retire from the university, you are eligible to retain an email account. Prior to your retirement date, or when you receive a notice of deactivation, contact Academic Computing to have your account changed to a retiree account. Please be sure to provide your date of retirement, as part of the process includes removing access to shared folders which you may still need if you are calling prior to your retirement date. Retirees may be contacted periodically to verify the account is still in use, if an account remains unused for an extended period of time the account will be closed.
  • If none of the above apply and you believe you should retain your UW Oshkosh email account, contact Human Resources to verify your contract information has been entered correctly. The deactivation notices are sent based on the HR data, reception of a notice indicates that during the time the notices were generated a current contract was not on file. After contacting HR, contact Academic Computing to guarantee continued account access.


Please contact the help desk at 920-424-3020 or with any questions regarding your account.