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Saving as a PDF in Office 2007

How to save a document as a PDF in Microsoft Office 2007.


Many of the Microsoft Office 2007 products have been outfitted with an available add-in that allows direct saving of files into .pdf or .xps format. While it is not native to the programs, it can be downloaded once from Microsoft for free and applied to all of these programs simultaneously.
  • To begin, go to 2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS and download the add-in, which requires a Validation of the user's copy of Microsoft Office. Pop-up blockers or firewalls may need to be disabled to accomplish this. Once the add-in is installed, access Microsoft's Save a file in PDF format page for specific instructions on how to use the add-in within each application.
  • Please note that none of these programs can open a PDF or XPS file again to edit it directly - the original file must be edited and then saved again in the respective format.
  • To view a PDF file, Adobe's Acrobat Reader must be installed on the computer.