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Application Compatibility Issues in Office 2007 with Office 2003/2004

This document explains how to troubleshoot file and application compatibility issues in Microsoft Office 2007.

Windows File Compatibility

The default 2007 Microsoft Office file format is new, and incompatible with all previous versions of Microsoft Office. Users can change the default file format in Word 2007 to the .doc (previous) format by doing this:
  1. Click the Office button (top left corner)
  2. Word Options
  3. Save
  4. Save files in Word 97-2003 Document (*.doc) format.
The procedure for changing the default file format for Excel and PowerPoint is similar.
The Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats is available here.

Mac File Compatibility

A Microsoft Office Open XML File Format Converter is available for Office 2004. These converters enable Office 2004 for the Mac to use the Open XML format for documents.

Applications and Services

Adobe Acrobat Standard/Professional
  • The Acrobat PDF printer functionality from Adobe Acrobat works with Office 2007.
  • The Adobe PDFMaker functionality from Adobe Acrobat is not supported with Office 2007. PDFMaker is a plugin that provides the ability to create PDF documents from within Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, AutoCAD, and Lotus Notes.
  • See the Adobe Knowledge Base article,Acrobat PDF-capable web browsers and PDFMaker-compatible applications," for the full PDFMaker compatibility list.
Adobe Reader