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Pop-up Blocker in Firefox, Safari & Internet Explorer

This document explains how to use and configure pop-up blockers in Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer web browsers.


To open the Popup Windows menu:

  1. Open Firefox.
  2. Navigate to Tools thenĀ Options thenĀ Web Features. From here you have two options:
    • Check Block Popup Windows if you would like to all popups.
    • Click on Allowed Sites to allow popups from specified websites.
      1. Enter the URL of the site you want to allow popups from and click Allow.
      2. If you wish to remove a site from your allowed list, highlight it and click Remove Site.
      3. Clicking Remove All Sites will clear your allowed sites list.

Internet Explorer

To open the Pop-up Blocker Settings Menu:

  1. open IE.
  2. Go to Tools, then Pop-up Blocker, then Pop-up Blocker Settings. You have two options of ways to set up your pop-up blocker:
    • Notifications and Filter Level: this section allows you to set popup filter level and notification preferences.
    1. Go to Notifications and Filter Level at the bottom of the menu. Choose the filter level you want. It is recommended to keep the default setting of Medium.
    2. The other two checkboxes are optional and notify you when popups are blocked.
    • Exceptions: this section allows you to allow popups from specified websites.
      • To add a site to this list:
      1. enter the URL in Address of website to allow:
      2. Click the Add button. That site will now appear in your Allowed Sites list below.

      • To remove a site from your Allowed Sites:

      1. Single-click on the site to highlight it.
      2. Click the Remove button.
        • NOTE: You can remove all allowed site by clicking the Remove All button.

We recommend turning the popup blocker off the first time you visit a website. Some websites use popups as part of the infrastructure, and it is necessary to not block them. After you visit a site for the first time, you can determine if you want to block popups or not.