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Printing an Unofficial Transcript

Instructions for current and former students to print Unofficial Transcripts from Titan Web

These instructions will guide you through printing an Unofficial Transcript.

  1. Once logged into Titan Web, scroll down to Grades, STAR, and More under the Student Center.
  2. Click the down arrow next to the word Grades under that heading causing a drop-down menu to be shown.
  3. Select Transcript: View Unofficial from this menu.
  4. Click the double arrow next to the box where you just selected Transcript: View Unofficial from.
  5. On the new page that comes up, make sure next to Academic Institution UW Oshkosh is in the box.
  6. Next to Report Type click the down arrow and select Unofficial Transcript then press go.
  7. This will bring you to a page with your Unofficial Transcript on it. From here, you can click File, then Print and print the transcript out.