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Common Problems with Desire to Learn

Frequently asked questions and problems for D2L

Cannot Log In

Cannot See all Courses

Preferred Printing


Cannot Log In

  • Your username and password for D2L should be the same as your NetID username and password.
  • If you cannot log into your NetID account (used to log on to campus computers, wireless, My UWO Portal, etc.), you will not be able to log into your D2L account as well.

Forgot your NetID Password:

Reset Your NetID Password

First Time Logging in with NetID

Cannot see all courses in D2L

  • Make sure that you are expanding the plus sign that is next to the current semester.
  • If the plus sign is expanded already and you still do not see your courses, you need to follow up with the instructor for that course to ensure that he/she has added you to the list.
  • If the instructor needs assistance of how to navigate or perform certain actions in D2L, he/she may contact Sarah Bradway x2324 or Nick Dvoracek at x7363.

The preferred way print syllabus on D2L is as follows:

    1. In your course, go to Content.
    2. On the right, select Compile for printing.
    3. Check the boxes in front of each topic you want to print.
    4. Select the View button. A new window will open with each topic listed one after the other.
    5. Print this page via File =Print.


For technical assistance with D2L, students can contact the help desk at 888-435-7589, or 1-608-264-4357. Pick option 1 for "Learn@UW support."

Passwords are not reset by the D2L HelpDesk. For assistance such as "am I enrolled in course X?" or "do I have an account?" you must contact your instructor.

Sarah Bradway is the support person for all D2L questions for faculty and staff she can be contacted at x2324.