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BlackBerry FAQs

This guide helps users with common troubleshooting for a BlackBerry.

How do I perform a soft reset?

From the handheld, press the ALT + CAP + DELETE keys at the same time. You will not lose any data in this process.

How do I perform a hard reset?

From the handheld, locate the RESET button on the back of the device near the bottom. If you do not see the reset button, check under the battery cover. Look for a small hole with a label that says RESET. Using a pin or paper clip, press the RESET button. In some cases, there will be no reset button at all, in this case, removing the battery for 30 seconds will reset the device. The device will restart. You will not lose any data in this process.

How do I perform a Security Wipe on my BlackBerry Handheld?

Use these instructions to perform a Security Wipe on your BlackBerry Handheld. Menu options may vary depending on the software version and the handheld model. Refer to your owners manual for additional details.

  1. From the handheld home screen, click on the Options icon (the wrench icon).
  2. Select Security Options
  3. Select General Options if the option is available, if not proceed to the next step.
  4. Click the Trackwheel to get a side menu.
  5. Select Wipe Handheld from that menu.
  6. Confirm that you want to wipe the handheld.
  7. Enter the text "BlackBerry" when prompted.
  8. When the device comes back up, you will need to turn the cellular signal back on by clicking on the radio tower icon.


Q: How do I send myself a new service book?

  1. Choose the Options icon (wrench).
  2. Choose SERVICE BOOK and click trackwheel.
  3. Choose Perform a HARD RESET or a SOFT RESET on the Blackberry.
  4. Wait for the device to restart, then make sure that your wireless signal shows GPRS.
  5. Now check your messages to see if you have received the new Service Book. Test your services by sending yourself an e-mail message.

Why shoud I register on the wireless network, and how do I register?

You will need to register devices on the wireless carrier's network if you find that you have no data service to the device. To register, go to "options" and select "network." Press the "trackwheel." Select "register now."

My Blackberry has a frozen screen. What should I do?

Try a soft reset. If that is unsuccessful, try a hard reset.

My Blackberry does not send or receive messages. What should I do?

Try these troubleshooting steps in order.

  1. Perform a SOFT RESET.
  2. Perform a HARD RESET.
  3. Check wireless antenna signal strength, make sure antenna shows GPRS (all caps).
  4. See if you can still make phone calls - this will verify that GSM services are available.
  5. See if you can still browse the web - this will verify that GPRS services are available.
  6. Send yourself an e-mail message to the handheld, see if it arrives.
  7. Check to see when your most recent bill was paid
  8. Go to the Managing your Blackberry web page to log into the Blackberry provider eMail web client.
  9. Send yourself a new Service Book.
  10. On handheld device, check to see if you received the new Service Book under OPTIONS - SERVICE BOOK.
  11. Go to the Managing your Blackberry web page to call your Blackberry provider for assistance.


How do I browse the Web with my Blackberry?

First, make sure your antenna signal shows GPRS (all caps). Next, send an e-mail message to your handheld and see if it arrives - this will verify whether you have data services. Try to browse or Use the instructions above for cannot send/receive messages .

I am going to travel to another country. Will my Blackberry have service?

  1. Go to "Managing your Blackberry."
  2. See the section on activating international roaming service.
  3. See if phone and data services are available at your destination country.
  4. Contact your provider to activate international roaming.

My computer does not detect any Blackberry devices. What should I do?

First, verify that all the physical connections are secure and the Blackberry is properly cradled. If it is still having trouble, remove your Blackberry off the cradle. Press the pin hole sized reset button on the back of the Blackberry. Use a bent paper clip to access this reset button. Reregister your Blackberry to the network and wait for the confirmation message. Put the Blackberry on cradle. if it doesn't detect automatically, open the Blackberry Desktop Manager. Go to Options, Serial Settings, and click on "Detect." If it is still having trouble, check to see if you have the com port enabled on your computer. If you have more than one com port on your computer, plug the cradle into the other com port, and try detecting the port again.

Why am I only receiving some of my e-mails?

Blackberry Desktop Manager by default will only forward messages to your handheld if your email address is in the "To" or the "BCC" field.

When I receive a message, the body says I was "cc'd." Why?

Please refer to the solution to the problem above.

When I try to configure my Blackberry Desktop Manager to sync my Calendars or Contacts (Configure PIM), I get a message saying "path does not exist." What does this mean?

You don't have administrative privileges on your computer. Please ask your network administrator to make you part of the Local Administrators group.

I am unable to sync my contact list, memopad, or tasks wirelessly. What should I do?

Contact your Blackberry Administrator to resend your Service Books.

I am unable to sync my calendar wirelessly. What should I do?

  1. Put your Blackberry on the cradle.
  2. Open up Blackberry Desktop Manager and double click on Intellisync.
  3. Click on the "Configure PIM" button. Make sure you have a checkbox next to "Calendar."
  4. If the option to choose translator doesn't come up, click on the "Choose" button. Choose the translator as "MS Outlook Wireless Sync" (also known as "Blackberry Wireless Sync"). Click "OK", and "OK" again.
  5. In the Intellisync window and with the device attached to the cradle, click on "Synchronize Now."
  6. A message will come up stating that it will remove all handheld appointments and replace then wirelessly. You will need to accept that and it should be working.

How do I erase my Blackberry before giving it to another user?

To erase the data on your handheld, go to the Options menu on the handheld (the wrench), go to Security, and click in on the scroll to obtain an optional menu. In this menu you will find the option to wipe the handheld. You will be asked for the handheld's password, this is set by you during your handheld's setup. If you do no have this password, contact your service provider.

I don't want my Blackberry to sync when connected to the desktop manager. What should I do?

You want to change the startup behavior of your device. Open Desktop Manager and open Intellisync by double clicking it. Choose the "Auto start..." button under "Configuration." Under Auto Start Settings check or uncheck the behaviors you want to happen upon connecting your device to the cradle/desktop. Choose OK to close this window. Choose Close to close Intellisync.

Can I change an icon position on the Blackberry Home screen?

Yes, follow the steps below:

  1. Highlight the icon you would like to move.
  2. Hold down the ALT key (orange button).
  3. Press in on the track wheel.
  4. Scroll the track wheel to the position you want the icon and press in again.
  5. Now you can order your icons the way you use them

Is there a shortcut to viewing messages sequentially?

With any message open, press "n" to go to the NEXT message, press "p" to go to the PRIOR message, or press the "u" key to go to the next unread message. This can save you a lot of track wheel clicking if you need to view many messages. Additionally, pressing the M key from the home screen will jump to your messages.

I can't find the Delete or Hide Filed Message options in my Message List Options. What should I do?

Firt perform an e-mail reconciliation to transfer your desktop folders to your handheld. If performing an email reconciliation does not work, close your desktop software and desktop redirector (if running) and edit the registry. Editing the registry should only be done if you have experience in this type of utility. Making changes in the registry editor can disable your computer and require a complete restore. Click Start > Run, type reedit and click ok. Expand HKEY_Current_User/software/Research in Motion/Blackberry key and click the Synchronize folder. Delete the Folder Management value. Start the desktop software and reconcile your e-mail.

A message I sent or received has an X beside it on the message screen. What does this mean?

When a received message has an X beside it and you requested more of the message, there was a problem retrieving the additional information. When a message you sent from your handheld has an "X" beside it, some problem prevented the message from sending properly. In either case, you can find out specifically what went wrong by opening the message and scrolling to the top. The Message Status field will display the errors.