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Using the Built-in Firewall in OS X

Explains how to use the Mac OS X built-in firewall.

To open the Firewall control panel:

    1. Go to Apple menu, System Preferences
    2. Choose Personal then Security.
    3. Choose Firewall
        • Here you can either Start or stop the firewall
        • To Start firewall:
        1. Click Allow only essential services.
        2. Next click the Advanced button and make sure to check Enable Stealth Mode.
        3. Then click the OK button.
        • To Stop firewall:
        1. Click Allow all incoming connections.
        2. You can also enable the firewall and manually configure it for specific services and applications by choosing the 3rd option but this is not recommended unless you know the specific applications/services you are trying to enable.
        3. Close window when you are done.