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Damaged Template File in Microsoft Word for Mac

How to troubleshoot and correct a Damaged Template file in Word on Mac OS.

When starting up Word you receive the following message:

"The application Microsoft Word has unexpectedly quit.
The system and other applications have not been affected"


You may also receive this error message if you turn off the Project Gallery and open a blank document immediately after you open Word.

This behavior can be caused by a damaged template. The template may be the Normal template or a template that you chose from the Project Gallery. The template may be so severely damaged that Word cannot process it or even attempt to repair it when you start Word.


To determine if the problem is being caused by a damaged template file perform the following:

    1. Select the Word icon, press Shift and select File -> Open. Word will start bypassing all but the default settings.
    2. Try to create a blank document from the Project Gallery.

If Word quits while you are creating a blank document preform the following to rebuild the Normal Template:

    1. Open the Microsoft Office X folder.
    2. Open the Template folder.
    3. Find the Normal template file and move it to the trash.
    4. Start Word. Word automatically re-creates the Normal template from internal settings.

If Word quits when trying to create a document from a Word-specific template, such as those under Business Forms or Home Essentials, you will need to remove and replace it with a copy from the Office X installation CD.