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Mapping Network Drives on Mac OS

Connecting to the Network S drive or U drive on Mac OS

Important: Please verify you have previously logged onto a Windows 7 machine or Macintosh computer located in one of the General Access Labs on campus using your credentials. If not, please log into a Windows 7 machine or a Macintosh computer and change your password. Initial Authentication on UWOAD requires you to change your password. This cannot be done when attempting to map drives. If Windows machines or Macs are unavailable, please contact the Help Desk at 424-3020.

For all Mac Computers on campus:

  1. In the Finder menu, select Go and then Connect to Server... or ⌘ + K.
  2. Mac Network Drives 1


  3. Enter the address shown below, click the + button to add the server address to Favorites, and press Connect.
  4. Mac Network Drives 2


  5. Enter your NetID username and password.
  6. Mac Network Drives 3


      • If this is your own computer (non-lab and non-classroom), you can check the “Remember this password in my keychain” and you will not be prompted to enter your username/password when connecting to WFC.
      1. Select Shared and/or Users to mount the Shared and/or Users Volume.
      2. Mac Network Drives 4


        **  If this is a classroom computer, restart the computer after you are finished. **

        **  (This closes your Shared and Users drives which prevents someone else from seeing your files.)  **


      For your Non-lab or Non-classroom Computers:

      Adding Shared/Users Drives to your Dock:

      To add the Shared and/or Users drive to the dock, select the Shared and/or Users folder and drag it to the dock.

      Mac Network Drives 5


      Change Dock Folder to Drive Icon:

      When you drag the shared/users drive to the dock it will appear as a folder. To change this:

      1. Right click (Ctrl+Click) on the folder in the dock.
      2. In the Display as section, click on Folder.
      3. In the View content as section, click List.

      Note: The first time you access the Shared drive, your first click will connect to the drive, the second click will then allow to browse the contents.

      The list should look like what is pictured when complete.


      Mac Network Drives 6