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FAQ for Mac OS

Frequently asked questions regarding Mac Operating System.

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Can I use my PC files and disks on a Macintosh?

Yes. Macintosh computers are capable of using PC formated disks and files. Make sure the PC Exchange or File Exchange is turned on.

If an application freezes up while I am using it, how can I get out of it?

The first thing to try is to hold down the command key (the key with the apple on it) and press period. If that doesn't work the next thing to try is command+option+escape. If a dialog box comes up click on force quit. If nothing happens you will have to restart the computer. On a PowerPC press control+command+startup key, on an iMac you have to unplug the computer, plug it back in, and startup again.

How do I eject a disk from a Macintosh?

There are several ways to eject a disk. Most common is to drag the disk onto the Trash icon. Another way is to select the disk, then go to the Special menu and select the item Eject.

How do I do an equivalent of a right mouse click in MacOS 8 and up?

Hold down the control key and click, will bring up the pop up menu like the right mouse click does in Windows.

If I want to format my disk, how would I do it?

Select your disk, then go to Special, then go to Erase Disk... Make sure you choose Macintosh Format or DOS Format. Macintosh Format will make your disk readable only on the Macintosh Computers. DOS Format will make your disks readable on a Macintosh and a PC computer