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Web Pages

Information for colleges, departments, organizations, and individual faculty, staff, and students who are all eligible to have space on the campus web server.


Requests for new space or changes to existing space are all handled through requests to the academic computing help desk.  Contact the help desk at 424-3020,, or stop in Dempsey Hall room 207.


NEW For faculty, staff, and students:  Instead of requesting server space, you can choose to set up your personal web page on TitanFiles.  Its ready to go right away, you don't need to request space because you've already got an account .  Follow the  Create a personal home page on TitanFiles instructions if you're interested in this option.

For traditional (FTP, Plone) web pages, the following options are available:

  • Faculty or staff personal web space: Contact the help desk, requesting space for a personal web page.
  • Student personal web space: If you are in a web development class requiring use of the web server, your instructor should have requested access for you already.  If you aren't in a web class and would like space for a page, contact the help desk.
  • Student organizations: Organization faculty advisor needs to contact the help desk.  The help desk will need to know which organization and which accounts to add/remove access.
  • Departments/colleges/other: Department chair or equivalent should contact the help desk.  The help desk will need to know which college/department and which accounts need access.




After your account is set up, you will receive an e-mail from the webmaster with the FTP information.  The following FTP programs are supported by academic computing:

  • Macromedia Dreamweaver
  • FileZilla

The two important pieces of information you will receive, in addition to your user name and password, are the FTP host and FTP path.  These correspond with the "FTP host" and "Host Directory" in Dreamweaver; and the "Host" and "Default remote directory" (in Advanced options) in FileZilla.




If your page isn't listed in the appropriate site directory, contact the help desk and ask to have it added.