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Reserving a Teaching Lab

Location, contact and lab information, and policies regarding Teaching Labs

How to reserve a Computer Teaching Lab

There are currently four Teaching Labs on campus.

Credit Teaching Lab Reservations  Click to make Online Reservations (for Credit only)
Building Room Number Machines Reservation Phone Number*
Clow Closed for Remodeling
Halsey 101C 42 Windows PCs Registration Dept: 424-4160
Radford Basement 48 Windows PCs English Dept: 424-0626
Sage 1208A 40 Windows PCs Registration Dept: 424-4160
Swart 229 33 Dual Boot Macs Registration Dept: 424-4160

*All requests for use of these Teaching Labs must come from agents affiliated with the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

Phone Numbers above are for Credit Teaching Lab Reservations.

Non-Credit Lab Reservations

For non-credit Computer Lab Reservations contact Evelyn Meuret --- e-mail or call 424-4979.  If there is an urgent need for non-credit course request and Evelyn is not available - please contact the Help Desk at 424-3020.  The Help Desk hours are from 7:45 - 4:30 Monday - Friday.


Computer Teaching Lab Reservation Policy

The following four uses of computer teaching labs are listed in priority sequence.

Any of the computer teaching labs can be reserved on a first come, first served basis for student instruction. There are no current limitations to the amount of time a given faculty member can reserve. The exception to this is that reservations related to writing activities have precedence in the Radford lab. If a lab is reserved for an entire semester, the instructor might be contacted by others in hope that some time could voluntarily be relinquished.

(Amendment approved by ACUG March 6, 1997: Adhoc requests by faculty can bump out faculty who already have the lab reserved for the entire semester up to two times a semester IF the request is made 30 days prior to the beginning of the next semester.)

  1. Teaching labs can be reserved for the instruction of faculty and staff in the use of hardware and software. However, people are required to reserve the labs for this purpose during times when the labs are not heavily used. Examples of such times are: between semesters, during the first few weeks of a semester, early mornings before the labs are open for student use, or during the dinner hour from 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.  Proposals to use a computer lab for faculty and staff training will be presented to the Director of Academic Computing to either act on or bring before the Academic Computing Users Group (ACUG) for approval.
  2. Regional, statewide, or national conferences being held on the UW Oshkosh campus that require computer lab space for training sessions are eligible to reserve the teaching labs. However, they are not permitted to displace classes already scheduled to use the lab. Proposals to use a computer lab for such conferences will be presented to Jerry Jacklin who will confer with the Director of Academic Computing to either act on or bring before ACUG for approval.
  3. Other requests to reserve the teaching labs (including reservations for fee-based activities) will also be presented to the Director of Academic Computing to either act on or bring before ACUG.