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Remote File Access and Transfer from Linux Machines

Explains multiple ways to access and Transfer files from the machines in the Linux Lab in Halsey 101A.

SSH can also be used to transfer files via SFTP or SCP.

  • Windows: FileZilla or WinSCP or Pscp.exe(command line)
  • Macintosh: Fugu or included scp
  • Linux, other UNIX variants: included scp or other utility


Syntax for the command line (pscp and scp) applications

[p]scp -P 1022 local_file
[p]scp -P 1022 local_file
[p]scp -P 1022 -r local_dir (recursive copying of a directory)


The top two command lines are interchangeable, as shown in the examples below.

  1. These equivilent commands will both copy myfile.c from your computer to the lab. The period in the 2nd command means use the same file name on the remote computer.
    • scp -P 1022 myfile.c
    • scp -P 1022 myfile.c
  2. These are the same as above, except in the reverse direction. Files are copied from the lab to the local computer:
    • scp -P 1022 myfile.c
    • scp -P 1022


The same rules apply for copying a directory recursively:

    • scp -P 1022 -r
    • scp -P 1022 -r program1