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Logging into the Linux Lab Machines

Information about first time logins, changing passwords, and remote login.

Logging in for the First Time

Username: Your user name is the same as for your Titan Mail account, first 5 letters of last name, first letter of first name, and last 2 digits of your ID number. User names ARE case-sensitive, enter it in all lower-case.

Password: Initially your password is your 7-digit campus ID number. The Linux lab server is not tied to your e-mail or other accounts, this password can be different than your other passwords.


Changing Your Password

After you log in, please change your password to something other than the default. Open a terminal window and type passwd.

You will be prompted for your current password, and be able to choose your new password.


Logging In Remotely

Some of the machines in the lab allow remote access via SSH. Connect to on port 1022 with an SSH client.
SSH Clients:

    • Windows: PuTTY
    • Unix variants and Mac OS X: command-line ssh included with your OS