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Computer Lab Password Procedures

This document explains password procedures for the General Access Computer Labs on campus.

Computer Labs are for authorized Users only (UW Oshkosh Students, Faculty, and Staff).  Visitors outside the University are not allowed to use the labs.  You may be asked to show your Titan Card for identification."

If you have any reservations on someone who is requesting the use of the Lab Guest password - you could request to see their Titan Card if you feel there may be a situation where this individual is a non-student.  

Occasionally  we get a student from another campus asking to use our Labs.  If you run into this please call the Help Desk Manager for approval.  In some cases check with the Director of Academic Computing for approval.

After-Hours Password Problems
The Academic Computing Help Desk's regular hours are Monday through Friday 7:45am-4:30pm. If a student is having trouble with their password after business hours or on the weekend, then:

  • Inform the lab patron that the Help Desk's hours are Mon-Fri 7:45-4:30, and you are unable to reset their password.
  • For Titan Mail and Titan Web password problems, politely tell the student they can either return to a lab during regular business hours to have their password changed or go to the Help Desk in person when they are open, located at Dempsey 307.
  • For Novell password problems, you can log the student into a computer as a Lab Guest so they can do their work.
    • Do not give out the lab guest login information, go to the computer and login for them.
    • The username is Lab Guest; the password is emailed to the allclt-l list every Monday.

Only Jerry Jacklin and Laura Knaapen can approve giving out passwords to non-students:

  • An example would be someone who is auditing class calls the helpdesk, they can either go to the Lab and one of the consultants can log them in.
  • Either Jerry or Laura must approve that it is ok to give out the password, over the phone at the helpdesk.