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Create a personal home page on Titan Files

The procedure below will help you set up a place within your personal TitanFiles space to create a web page visible to anyone on the Internet.

Instead of having an account and space created on the web server for storing your personal web page, you can use TitanFiles to create an area accessible to anyone that works exactly the same way.  Uploading to the page is easier than using FTP, and if you choose you can set up a wiki which allows through-the-web editing of the page content instead of using DreamWeaver or other web page creation software.


Here is how to set up your web page on TitanFiles:

1.  Log in to TitanFiles at and click on "New Folder"

Titan Files Home Page 1

2.  Give the folder a name, e.g.  we will call it "web"; click Next to proceed. On the Select Users screen, just click Next again without selecting any users.

Titan Files Home Page 2

3.  On the Permissions screen, select Viewer (Read Only) for the Public.  If you are planning to maintain your TitanFiles web space using DreamWeaver, you can stop at this point and follow the DreamWeaver Setup instructions now that the folder is set up.

Titan Files Home Page 2

4.  Double-click to open your newly created folder, which should show as shared to Everyone.

Titan Files Home Page 4

5.  Click the Upload button to begin selecting the files that make up your home page.

Titan Files Home Page 5

6.  If you aren't in Advanced Upload mode, you will likely want to switch to it as it makes uploading many files or folders much easier.  Basic upload mode can't do folders and each file must be selected individually.


7. In Advanced mode, either click on the Add Files button or drag and drop the files that make up your web page.

Titan Files Home Page 6

8.  If you click Add Files, browse to the location on your hard drive which contains the files for your page.  You can select multiple files and folders in this window by holding the <ctrl> key and clicking each one, or click the first file, hold <shift> and click the last file to select all in the range.  Click Open after you have all of the files and folders you want selected.

Titan Files Home Page 7

9.  Click Start Upload to send your files to the server.


10.  You're done!  Test your new web page by going to a link like the following:

Titan Files Home Page 8

Replace username with your username and web with the name of the folder you created in step 2.  For example, if your user name is smithj01 and you called your folder web, your page is at

If you see a list of files instead of your home page, you will want to make sure you have a file called "index.html" in the folder you have shared.  By default, TitanFiles will look for this specially named file and display it instead of a list of files.  If there is not a file called "index.html", it will instead show a list of files and folders and the page viewer would need to select one.