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Account Requests

This document explains how accounts for Titan Mail are made. It also has information about card reader access on campus.


General notes on all types of accounts

  • The Employment or Student record comes first, generating their Employee ID or Student ID.
  • From that the email account is generated automatically, at most 24 hours later
  • From that the Active Directory accounts are created, at most 24 hours later
  • There are situations that arise where users call the helpdesk stating they want to be changed from the student scheme to staff scheme.  Since accounts are not created manually a person cannot keep 2 accounts. The user needs to choose either the staff or student scheme.  If the user is employed by UW Oshkosh, the staff scheme is always preferred.



Students:  Accounts are created automatically as soon as they make the down payment. This system is automated to run around 3PM daily.  If you have made your down payment and still are not able to log in, contact the Registrar's Office, ext. 3454, for General Information. If they absolutely need the account that day and it has not been done yet, create a work ticket and assign it to Server Support

Employees: Accounts are created once the record of employment is entered in by HR. If there's a delay in the Personnel office paperwork and an employee needs an email created; create a work ticket and assign it to Server Support.

Military Science (ROTC) - Staff/Faculty: Although Military Science faculty/staff work on the UW Oshkosh campus, and get an EMPLID from TitanWeb, you are not UW Oshkosh employees, so in order to have an email account created, please contact the helpdesk.

Retired Employees: Create a work ticket and assign to Server Support for continuation of email service



Most Linux accounts are created as a part of a class, requested by the professor. For other reasons, create a ticket and assign to Server Support.


Requesting Non-University Computer Connection

If you are staff/faculty and are looking to connect a personal computer via network cable on campus please fill out our Personal Computer Network Connection Agreement.


Card Reader Access

  • Card Reader for Halsey 101A (UNIX Lab):  The Card Reader Database is maintained by Kristina Mosley in the Keys Office in the Facilities Management building (across from the Clow Faculty building). Users are not supposed to submit requests, contact, or go to the Keys Office directly. If there are Card Reader access problems, Academic Computing will contact Kristina at 0343. As it is the key to the Database, you must know the user's TitanCard (PeopleSoft) ID number before you call. Please contact the Helpdesk at 920-424-3020 to obtain card reader access to this lab.
  • Card Reader for Nursing/Ed 202A (Macintosh Lab):
    Any problems with N/E 202A Access should be directed by the Help Desk to the Keys Office. Every registered student should have N/E 202A access, so we do not take requests for N/E 202A Access.
  • Card Reader for Nursing/Ed 213:
    We do not take requests for access to this Education Department Macintosh Lab.

Card Reader Access Requests and Problems

If you are calling with card reader problems in the labs for after-hours use, contact Mary Zwicke with your Name, Student ID#, and contact info and send an email to her with "Card Reader" in the subject line, or contact her directly ext. 0343.