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VPN Upgrade

The VPN concentrator for the campus was upgraded on March 2, 2013.

When a user logs in the next time, the new VPN client will automatically install.  The install may take a few minutes.  It would be helpful if no other installers are running at the same time.  


The newest client is a bug fix.  The latest clients (3.1.xx and 3.0.xx) have added support for Windows 8 and OS 10.8.  


If for some reason the client upgrade does not succeed, please first try a reboot of the workstation, then open up AnyConnect again.  If there is not any success at this point, please uninstall the AnyConnect client and go to and redo the installation of the client.  Most likely the Java web install will fail due to lack of a presence of Java web start in browsers.  Internet Explorer has the easiest installation process on Windows.  


Feel free to contact the Academic Computing Help Desk with any questions (920-424-3020 or